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Individual and versatile Download
  • Universal
Test load
  • 5kN - 250kN
Type of test
  • Tensile test
  • Compression test
  • Flexure test
  • Universal testing applications in a medium force range

The perfect system for individual testing requirements and for all applications

The AllroundLine is our customizable and highly versatile testing machine. It is available as a floor-standing testing machine (including models Z100, Z150 and Z250) and as a table-top testing machine (models Z010, Z020, Z030, Z050, Z100, Z150).

AllroundLine is suitable for applications in all fields. A proven operating concept combined with flexible, modular load-frame design makes the AllroundLine an optimal solution for demanding testing applications, whether for quality control or for research projects. Development and manufacture of AllroundLine, including all mechanical, electronic and software components, together with the comprehensive range of accessories, takes place at ZwickRoell's production facility in Germany, enabling optimum matching of all items.

  • Selection of 39 different standard machine types for optimal processing of test tasks
  • Available as a floor-standing testing machine and table-top testing machine
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility and expansion options
  • Wide selection of coordinated accessories
  • The multi-area concept reduces operating and acquisition costs when many different tests have to be performed.

AllroundLine floor-standing testing machine in action

Testing with the highest level of safety – AllroundLine floor-standing testing machine with safety device

CE-compliant safety device developed in accordance with latest international standards EN14119 and EN14120.

Advantages & features

Floor-standing testing machine vs. table-top testing machine
Optimum operating convenience
High stiffness and precise crosshead guidance
Mechanical Modularity
Integrated safety in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive
Ready for changes in future technology
Two Test Areas
Side test area
Modern load frame design
Highly accurate tests at temperature

Floor-standing testing machine vs. table-top testing machine

Table-top testing machine

The load frames of the AllroundLine table-top testing machines are used for almost all tests where low to medium specimen elongation occurs. One, or optionally two test areas are available. For applications beyond ambient temperature, the table-top testing machines can also be equipped with a temperature chamber.

Floor-standing testing machine

The load frames of the AllroundLine floor-standing testing machines are primarily used for tests with higher forces, for materials with large strains (e.g. rubber), in cases where larger temperature chambers or environmental chambers are to be integrated, or for tests on very large components. One, or optionally two test areas are available.

Optimum operating convenience

Optimum operating convenience

  • Ergonomics are top priority when it comes to operating the new AllroundLine machine.
  • The machine is adjustable for optimum ergonomic configuration; modular design allows adaptation as and when required.
  • Adjustable crossheads allow test area configuration to be varied.
  • The base features leveling damping units and clear space for a lift-trolley, allowing easy adaptation to suit the installation site (applies to Z150 TL AllroundLine floor-standing machines).
  • Adjustable upright profiles combined with low base-height enable flexible variation of the working area. This also allows wheelchair-friendly operation (applies to AllroundLine table top testing machines).

High stiffness and precise crosshead guidance

High stiffness and precise crosshead guidance
The stiff load-frame profile, generous connecting surfaces and ruggedly dimensioned components ensure high machine stiffness. The inclination angle of the crosshead under load is reduced, enabling very precise alignment and application of force to the specimen. This is advantageous for flexure tests, compression tests, precision tests on components etc.

Mechanical Modularity

Mechanical Modularity
Mechanical modularity enables the testing system to be expanded by the wide range of ZwickRoell test fixtures and specimen grips or with customized devices. This is where the highly adaptable, play-free plug and T-slot system comes into its own, backed by a wide variety of crosshead mount options. Specimen grips and test tools can be changed whenever required, enabling a wide range of tests to be performed with the same testing machine and allowing rapid, highly flexible adaptation to the current testing situation.

Integrated safety in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive

Integrated safety in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive
Maximum level of safety for user and testing system is guaranteed. All EC Machinery Directive safety requirements are guaranteed. Compliance is documented with an EC Declaration of Conformity. State-of-the-art safety technology and proven industrial components that comply with the highest level of safety and industrial standards (IEC 60947) are used.

Ready for changes in future technology

Ready for the Next Generation
Modular design means that the testing system can be re-equipped or upgraded whenever required. Moreover, testControl II machine electronics are compatible with future-generation ZwickRoell software. Even after a product has been discontinued, spare parts continue to be available for a minimum of 10 years.

testcontrol-tc-hydraulic-grip-250-kn-type-8594-cai-makroxtens-ii-safety device-closed-fo

Two Test Areas

Two test areas
With the second test area, different tests can be performed on one materials testing machine without having to change tools. This guarantees reproducible test results, and the need for a second testing machine is eliminated. In addition, both test environments can be operated with one load cell, saving in acquisition and calibration costs.

testcontrol-tc-ii-hydraulic-wedge grip-videoxtens-3-300-fo

Side test area

Up to three areas in one testing machine

  • Ergonomically adjustable operating height for both test areas
  • Save time and money because retrofitting is not necessary
  • The side test area accommodates a vast number of applications and requires little space.
  • Specimen throughput is increased with the testXpert III system configuration builder. Every system configuration is ready for testing with the press of a button. When loading the test program all relevant test parameters (tool separation, test speed, etc.) are loaded. This makes it easy to change from the standard to the side system configuration.

Modern load frame design

Modern load-frame design
AllroundLine is equipped with a patented, flexurally stiff hollow profile with guide-cylinder. Long guides with generous surface areas ensure high-precision crosshead guidance. This combination minimizes undesired mechanical influences on the specimen. T-slots incorporated into the profile provide flexible mounting options.


Highly accurate tests at temperature

The testing machine including temperature chamber features convenient, intuitive operation via the testing software. All components (materials testing machine, extensometer, and testing software) are developed in-house at ZwickRoell.

Technical overview

  • AllroundLine is available with test speeds from 0.00005 to 3000 mm/min, depending on type. Testing machine speed is independent of the test load.
  • The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. In addition, test loads up to 110% of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy combinations of test fixtures, accessories etc.
  • AllroundLine is available for test loads up to 250 kN and with test-area heights from 1030 mm to 2560 mm.
  • AllroundLine can be operated with standard commercial PCs or laptops and requires no special expansion cards.

Properties according to force range

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