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Tensile Testing Machine for High Test Loads From 330 kN

Z330E, Z400E, Z600E, Z1000E, Z1200E, Z1600E, Z2000E, Z2500E Download
  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Textiles
Test load
  • 330 - 2,500 kN
Type of test
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Flexure
  • Shear
  • ISO 6892
  • ISO 15630
  • ISO 898

Testing machine with large test loads up to 2,500 kN

E-series electromechanical materials testing machines are used to perform tensile tests, flexure tests, or compression tests with large test loads. A robust frame ensures excellent guiding properties and high machine stiffness. Tensile testing machines from ZwickRoell are equipped with a ball-screw drive and are available in 330 kN, 400 kN, 600 kN, 1000 kN, 1200 kN, 1600 kN, 2000 kN and 2500 kN versions (33 - 250 tons).

The results are displayed in the testXpert testing software in the form of a force travel diagram or a stress strain curve, which is then used to determine material characteristic values such as tensile strength or yield points.

Measuring large specimens. Optically and without markings. With reliability and accuracy.

The videoXtens Array extensometers were developed for tensile tests on large specimens. High-resolution cameras capture the full length of the grip-to-grip separation.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable test results for 100% of tests performed
  • Measurement without the need for markings
  • Wide range of applications for metals
  • Strain control to ISO 6892-1 Method A1

videoXtens Array

Key advantages and features

Operator convenience
Modern load frame design
Satisfying the most demanding safety requirements
testXpert III testing software


  • These materials testing machines feature a wide measurement range, which allows for precise determination of even low test loads, without the need to convert the testing machine.
  • Low-maintenance, play-free pre-stressed ball screws guarantee accurate long-term operation in the tensile and compression directions.
  • The load frame is extremely stiff and robust.
  • For standard tests using our testXpert testing software, operator involvement is as simple as the push of a button.
  • Modular design throughout the system allows the entire ZwickRoell accessory range to be used (including a wide variety of extensometers, specimen grips and other test fixtures).
  • Should new testing requirements arise, additional test fixtures (e.g. calibration blocks) are easily installed via a T-slot or screw system.
  • The materials testing machine can be tailored to customers’ specific requirements (e.g. test area dimensions, test devices, specimen grips, test speed ranges, testing software).

Operator convenience

  • Convenient operating height for specimen insertion with grips installed.
  • testXpert III's intelligent test environment concept reduces set-up times and increases productivity.

Modern load frame design

  • The robust load-frame features four hard-chromed guide-columns and massive base and moving crossheads, ensuring excellent guidance properties and a high level of machine stiffness.
  • Maintenance-free digitally controlled AC drive technology combined with an innovative motor feedback system allows excellent constant speed characteristics to be achieved even at extremely low speeds.
  • The backlash-free pre-stressed precision ball-screws with digitally controlled AC servo drive allow virtually maintenance-free operation.
  • The large test area combined with low overall height enables specimens and components with a wide range of lengths to be tested.
  • The testing machine is positioned directly on the ground with no foundation.

Satisfying the most demanding safety requirements

  • Compliance with the statutory safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive is ensured in all materials testing machines, while an EC Declaration of Conformity accompanies every machine supplied.
  • Only the latest safety technology and proven industrial components are used.
  • The highest degree of safety for the operator, test results, specimen material, and testing system are guaranteed.

testXpert III testing software

testXpert III is the result of close cooperation with software users in the materials testing industry and the experience of over 35,000 successful testXpert installations. From the very start, testXpert III uses a workflow that is based on your lab processes to guide you step by step through your test. Get to know testXpert III and experience how easy it is to use.

testXpert testing software

Technical overview

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Typical Test Methods

High-load tensile testing machines are commonly used for metals testing. One specific area of application is testing steel for reinforcement or prestressing of concrete. High test loads are also often required for tests on screws and nuts.

Tensile test on metals
ISO 6892-1
to Tensile test on metals
Testing of concrete-reinforcing steel
EN ISO 15630-1, ASTM E488, BS 4449
to Testing of concrete-reinforcing steel
Testing of welded fabric and lattices
ISO 15630-2
to Testing of welded fabric and lattices
Testing of Steel Strands
ISO 15630-3, ASTM A416, ASTM A1061
to Testing of Steel Strands
Testing of Threaded Fasteners
DIN EN ISO 898-1, ASTM F606-1, DIN EN ISO 3506-1
to Testing of Threaded Fasteners
Testing of nuts / washers
DIN EN ISO 898-2, ASTM F606-2, DIN EN ISO 3506-2
to Testing of nuts / washers
ZwickRoell offers numerous testing machines specifically designed for the testing of pipes.
to Tubes/pipes


Name Type Size Download
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine 330 kN PDF 496 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine 400 kN PDF 496 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine 600 kN PDF 497 KB
  • Product Information:Electromechanical testing machine 1000 kN PDF 601 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine 1200 kN PDF 568 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine 1600 kN PDF 559 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine 2000 kN/2500 kN PDF 585 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine Z330RED PDF 629 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine Z400RED PDF 393 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine Z330ES to Z1600ES with side test area PDF 496 KB
  • Product information: Electromechanical testing machine Z2000ES / Z2500ES with side test area PDF 655 KB

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