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Materials Testing Machine for High-Strength Composites

  • Composites
Test load
  • 600 kN
Type of test
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Flexure
  • Shear
  • FHT
  • OHT
  • End-loading
  • FHC
  • OHC
  • CAI
  • ILSS

Modular testing system for composites

The testing system was specially developed to test high-strength composites up to 600 kN at ambient temperature or in a temperature range of -60 °C to +350 °C.

A composite material is a material consisting of two or more combined materials that exhibits other material properties than the individual components. Depending on the fiber structure of the composites, different methods of tensile, compression, flexure and shear tests are used. This allows testers to determine the mechanical properties of a material for any type of load application and according to standard.

A modular connection system provides the ability to use the full range of ZwickRoell accessories to perform a wide variety of tests. Test fixtures, tools and sensors are available to fulfill the full range of accessory requirements, enabling at least 21 different types of tests and covering more than 115 standards. In addition to the usual tensile tests, these include FHT, OHT, end-loading compression tests, FHC, OHC, CAI, overlapping shear, Iosipescu shear, V-notch shear, in-plane shear tests (IPS), SBS and ILSS, 3- and 4-point flexure tests and fracture mechanics investigations.

Testing of fiber-reinforced composites up to 600 kN

Modular testing system for tests in a temperature range of -60 °C to +350 °C

  • Compression Test to AITM 1.008, ISO 14126-B2, ASTM D6641
  • Tensile Test to AITM 1.007, ISO 527-4, ASTM D3039
  • CAI Compression after Impact to ASTM D7137

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Specimen grips
Standard compliant testing
Optical measurement
Satisfying the most demanding safety requirements
Ready for the Next Generation

Specimen grips

ZwickRoell uses special hydraulic tensile grips that allow standard compression tests and compression tests requiring stable longitudinal guidance to be carried out in compliance with industry standards.

Stable longitudinal guidance on the specimen grip prevents lateral movement that could otherwise affect the test result. The jaws are equipped with a soft load introduction feature that ensures gentle application of force at the jaw end to prevent specimen damage. In addition to load application via clamping (shear loading), combined loading is also possible, whereby the specimen is additionally supported at the ends via a reference surface. The reference surface must be designed to fit accurately and be resistant to wear in order to ensure that the alignment requirements are met.

Precise alignment of the specimen grip was proven within the scope of alignment measurements to Nadcap AC 7122.Verification to AITM 1,008 for compliance of the transverse movement under load also did not present any difficulty with this test assembly. The properties of the matrix, fibers, texture, fiber-matrix bond, unidirectional laminate and multi-directional laminate are measured, as well as those of the component and the assembly.

The specimen grip can be used at ambient temperature and in a temperature range of -60 °C to +350 °C.

Standard compliant testing

Tests on composites are described in international and national standards (ISO, ASTM, EN, DIN), as well as in Airbus (AITM) and Boeing (BSS) company standards.

Laminates are usually also characterized in the actual dimensions of the eventual components.In aircraft construction, this leads to test specimens with very large dimensions, which call for correspondingly high test loads and verification in a temperature range of -60 °C to +350 °C. One example of this is Airbus Standard AITM 1.0008, which describes compression tests up to 500kN for A3 specimens.

The ZwickRoell testing system allows you to carry out 21 types of tests and covers more than 115 standards.

Optical measurement

The videoXtensoptical extensometer is a high-resolution displacement measuring system which, in addition to tensile tests on composites, can also be used for flexure tests and end-loading compression tests.

Because the measurement is non-contact, specimens with explosive break tendencies cannot damage the extensometer.

Satisfying the most demanding safety requirements

  • The statutory safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive are implemented in all materials testing machines and an EC Declaration of Conformity is provided.
  • Only the latest safety technology and proven industrial components are used.
  • The highest level of safety for the operator, the test results, the specimen material, and the testing system are guaranteed.

Ready for the Next Generation

  • Modular design means that the testing system can be re-equipped or upgraded whenever required.
  • Moreover, testControl II control electronics are compatible with future-generation ZwickRoell software.
  • Even after a product has been discontinued, spare parts remain available for a minimum of 10 years.

Accessories for tests in a temperature range of -60 °C to +350 °C

The modular testing system allows for use of the full line of accessories for the performance of a wide variety of tests.

Technical overview

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Tensile tests
on single filaments, filament strands, and uni- and multi-directional laminates, as well as notch tensile tests and tensile tests on bolted laminates.
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Compression tests and notched compression tests
End Loading Compression, Shear Loading Compression, Combined Loading Compression, Open Hole Compression (OHC), Filled Hole Compression (FHC)
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Flexure tests
ISO 14125, ASTM D7264
Flexure tests on composites (3-point and 4-point flexure tests) are performed to easily determine important mechanical characteristics.
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