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makroXtens II

The modular sensor arm extensometer, reliably and precisely adapted to your applications Download
Max. measurement range
  • 150 mm
Temperature range
  • Ambient temperature
  • Up to 250°C
Type of test + change in width
  • Tensile, compression, flexure tests
  • Cyclic tests
  • Change in width measurement
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Components
  • Fiber-reinforced composites
  • More

The sensor arm extensometer – universal and highly accurate

makroXtens II is a universal, high resolution extensometer for tensile, compression, flexure and cyclic tests on plastics, composites, hard foam materials and metals that have low to average specimen strain.

The makroXtens is a proven extensometer that with various base models and functions, can be modularly adapted to different test requirements. The sensor arms are easily changed, and even a transverse strain extensometer can be added. Therefore, the makroXtens is universally applicable for tensile tests, compression tests, flexure tests, and cyclic tests on metals, plastics, composites, hard foams and/or hard metals that display low to moderate specimen strain—also suitable for use in temperature chambers.

  • Traceability: via an Eeprom to the sensor arm, the testing system always knows automatically which sensor arms are being used.
  • User independence through automatic L0 setting and automatic attachment and detachment of the sensor arms.
  • Robust extensometer, which can measure up to specimen break. Integrated safety mechanism protects the sensor arms on specimen break.

This multi-purpose extensometer is distinguished by its modular construction. Thus, for example, the manually operated extensometer can be converted to an automatic attaching extensometer.

Measuring extension with the makroXtens II HP

Ideal for tensile tests, compression tests, flexure tests and cyclic tests on metals, plastics, composites and hard foam materials.

Advantages and features of the makroXtens II HP

  • With an installed base of over 7500 systems, makroXtens II is the standard extensometer in the metals, plastics and automotive industries.
  • Robust measuring system, also suitable for use in automated testing systems.
  • Can be used up to specimen break, even with high loads and brittle specimen material.
  • Optimum system protection provided by integrated safety mechanism and tilting knife-edges.
  • Accuracy Class 0.5 to EN ISO 9513
  • Maximum error ±1 μm in the differential displacement measurement between two measurement points in the range of 20 μm to 200 μm, fully satisfying the additional requirement stipulated by ISO 527-1 (2011)
  • makroXtens II is calibrated from a measurement travel of 20 µm in class 0.5
  • Extremely low sensor-arm drag force (< 0.05 N)
  • Sensor arms can be replaced quickly without any tools.
  • Knife edges can be set for round or flat specimens through simple rotation
  • Sensor arm contact pressure can be freely adjusted
  • Compression and flexure tests can be performed by simply changing the sensor arms
  • Automatic, specimen-central tracking by measuring system provides large, constant measuring range. Maximum measurement travel is always available
  • Measurement accuracy is specifically increased further in the initial measurement range by an intelligent, patent-pending drag fixture (HP version).
  • The HP version is approved for closed loop strain rate control to ISO 6892-1 (2009) Method A (1) and to ASTM E8 – 09 Method B
  • Deformation of the specimen is recorded in the elastic and plastic deformation range throughout the entire test until specimen break
  • Very high resolution and measurement accuracy over the entire measurement range
  • An EtherCAT interface is integrated into the machine electronics and extensometer as standard, eliminating the need for an additional measurement module.
  • Measured values from makroXtens are transmitted at the full testControl II data acquisition rate, ensuring that sufficient measured values are available even in rapid, short-duration tests.
  • The maktroXtens II HP with 300 mm-long sensor arms has a resolution of 0.006 μm, enabling the extensometer to continue to supply a sufficient number of measured values for tests with minimal strains/extensions (e.g. tests on ceramics, high-strength or brittle materials). This high resolution is also advantageous for strain control to ISO 6892 Method A (1).
  • makroXtens II can be combined with the motorized fine strain extensometer, allowing highly accurate initial range strain measurement to be performed separately on each side of the specimen. This is extremely important, for example, for measuring Young's modulus on metals.
  • All makroXtens II extensometers are fully upgradeable (automatic gauge-length adjustment, sensor arms for tensile, compression, flexure and temperature testing, transverse strain extensometer, fine-strain extensometer). Retrofits can be carried out quickly and easily on-site.


In addition, various optional units are available to expand the functional range of makroXtens II:

  • various basic models with resolutions up to 0.006 µm
  • automatic L0 setting
  • drive unit for sensor arms
  • various sensor arms for tensile, compression, and flexure tests and for tests in temperature chambers
  • various transverse strain extensometers plus drive unit

makroXtens ProLine

In contrast to the makroXtens II, the modular structure of the ProLine makro extensometer is limited.
In its basic configuration, the ProLine makro extensometer is already a complete measuring system. It includes a sensor arm that is 300 mm long.


  • Deformation of the specimen is recorded in the elastic and plastic deformation range throughout the entire test until specimen break.
  • Low drag force and the ability to adjust the contact force of the sensor arms as needed means you can test sensitive specimens reliably and with traceability.
  • Very high resolution and measurement accuracy over the entire measurement range.
  • Tiltable knife edges prevent damage to the sensor arms and knife edges at specimen break.
  • The knife edge geometry can be adjusted easily and without tools by rotating the knife edges, allowing you to test flat as well as round specimens.
  • Quick release fastener for sensor arms, enabling them to be replaced without the use of tools.
  • Sensor arm clamping force can be adjusted steplessly.
  • Centricity is automatically ensured by positioning in the test area.
  • Accuracy class 1 to EN ISO 9513.

Technical overview

makroXtens II is available in P and HP versions, each with three different gauge-length ranges, and as CFK/GFK (CFRP/GFRP) versions. The HP version differs in having higher resolutions, an intelligent tracking device and approval for closed-loop strain-rate control to ISO 6892-1 Method A (1) and ASTM E8-09 Method B.

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