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Clip-on Extensometer

Simply reliable: the manual clip-on extensometers from ZwickRoell Download
Max. measurement range
  • 40 mm
Temperature range
  • Ambient temperature
  • Up to 200°C
Type of test + change in width
  • Tensile Test
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Fiber-reinforced composites

The clip-on extensometer 5025-1, 8040-1 and 7537-1

The clip-on extensometers 5025-1, 8040-1, and 7537-1 are manual clip-on extensometers that can be attached to the specimen quickly and securely with one hand. These lightweight instruments are highly accurate, yet cost efficient solutions for standard tests.

  • Reproducible results are attained through the exact and lockable setting of the initial gauge length.
  • Optimal gripping of round specimens with prismatic counter rollers.
  • For closed loop strain rate control to ISO 6892 Method A1 and determination of the tensile modulus to ISO 527-1 Annex C.
  • High accuracy in temperature chambers through compensation of temperature-related deviations.

Clip-on extensometer: easy and accurate strain measurement in metals tensile test ISO 6892

The manual clip-on extensometers 5025-1 / 8040-1 are easy clipped on the specimen with one hand. Different gauge lengths, from 50 to 80 mm, can be set allowing for a variable use of the extensometers. Due to their miniaturized and lightweight construction, the clip-on extensometers can also be used for specimens with a short length.


Name Type Size Download
  • Product Information: Clip-on extensometer 5025-1, 8040-1 and 7537-1 PDF 524 KB


Name Type Size Download
  • Product information: digiClip PDF 590 KB
  • Product information: digiClip biax PDF 211 KB
  • Product information: digiClip transverse PDF 165 KB

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