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Extensometers for Compression, Flexure and Components Testing

Max. measurement range
  • Various
Temperature range
  • Ambient temperature
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Fiber-reinforced composites
Type of test + change in width
  • Compression test
  • Flexure test
  • Components testing

Reliable and accurate determination of deflection, deformation and settling behavior

A very important factor in obtaining reliable test results is to ensure minimum influence of the displacement transducer on the test. The ZwickRoell displacement transducer ensures reliable test results through secure attachment, precise axial alignment and tracking, and a small increase in contact force that does not affect the test process or the test results.
The displacement transducer measures with high accuracy, independent of the test temperature. All temperature-related accuracy deviations are automatically compensated in every ZwickRoell testing machine.

Deformation measurement on a damper using the T15 displacement transducer

Extensometers for compression tests, flexure tests and components tests should have minimal influence on the test in order to achieve reliable test results.A simple and effective option for these tests is the T15 displacement transducer shown here.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Reliable test results based on application-oriented design
Easy handling and overload protection
Perfect coverage of various applications

Reliable test results based on application-oriented design


Reliable test results based on application-oriented design

  • Accuracy class 1 to ISO 9513 (guaranteed accuracy of ± 1% of the measured value) and accuracy class B2 to ASTM E83 (based on 50 mm gauge length).
  • The ZwickRoell displacement transducers meet these accuracy requirements for tests at ambient temperature and in an expanded temperature range.
  • Reproducible test results through an exact, identical measuring position after the sensor arm has been locked, therefore preventing unnoticed measurement errors.
  • The change in contact force during the test is minimal.
  • Deformation effects from the load frame and load cell are excluded. The displacement transducer is directly mounted onto the flexure table or the compression platen.
  • High accuracy in the temperature chamber: temperature-related accuracy deviations are compensated.

Easy handling and overload protection

Easy handling and overload protection

  • Easy attachment and detachment, minimal operator influence.
  • In the event of an overload, the sensor arm mechanically releases, protecting the displacement transducer from possible damage.

Perfect coverage of various applications

The displacement transducers cover a variety of applications

  • 3- and 4-point flexure tests: The displacement transducers can be combined and retrofitted with any ZwickRoell flexure table. When combined with the ProLine, you have an economical and efficient system for standard-compliant testing.
  • Compression tests (only T15) such as deformation testing on seals and components and setting behavior on rubber and elastomers: The deformation and the setting behavior are measured exactly in the test axis (without parasitic deformation influences), based on the use of special connectors with measurement opening.
  • Component testing: With a mechanical interface, the displacement transducers can, for example, be attached to a measuring tripod—even in upside down position—in order to perform component tests.
  • Tests at temperature: In combination with the AllroundLine, all displacement transducers can be used in the temperature chamber (-70 ... + 200 °C). Easy handling and high accuracy are guaranteed.


  • Flexure test on
    Plastics: to ISO 178, ASTM D790
    Fiber-reinforced composites: ISO 14125, EN 2562, ASTM D7264, ASTM D4476, ASTM D6272
    Sandwich composites: ASTM D7249
    Wood: DIN 52186 (3- or 4-point flexure test), ISO 3133, EN 310, ASTM D3043
  • Compression test
    Setting behavior on rubber and elastomers: to ASTM D575, ISO 7743, ISO 815, ASTM D395, ASTM D1229
  • Testing of components, for example seals or dampers
  • All tests also under temperature conditions (-70 ... +200 °C)

Technical overview

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