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Testing of Building Materials

The ZwickRoell Group provides testing solutions for concrete, cement, and bonding agents, as well as for testing asphalt, glass and ceramics, and wood.

Testing of Glass and Ceramics
to Testing of Glass and Ceramics
Tests on wood
to Tests on wood
Testing of concrete-reinforcing steel
EN ISO 15630-1, ASTM E488, BS 4449
to Testing of concrete-reinforcing steel
Testing of welded fabric and lattices
ISO 15630-2
to Testing of welded fabric and lattices

Testing of Concrete, Cement and Bonding Agents

ZwickRoell AG is a shareholder of Toni Technik. Toni Technik focuses on building material testing systems. In addition to computer-controlled testing machines for quality control according to international standards (EN, ISO, ASTM, BS) of binding agents, cement, concrete and other construction materials, the company supplies intelligent construction materials testing systems for research and development, together with a full range of laboratory equipment. The complete product portfolio for building material testing systems includes the following application areas:

  • Specimen preparation
  • Specimen characterization
  • Determination of setting/binding behavior
  • Determination of strength and ductility
  • Determination of other properties

More information on Toni Technik

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