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Testing of Glass and Ceramics

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Flexure Tests on Glass

The increasingly higher demands of builders and architects are bringing us closer and closer to the limits of what is technically possible in the field of construction. Compared to steel construction, glass construction still has very few standards. Computer control is often not possible, making destructive testing necessary to test the structure and document it accordingly. ZwickRoell provides fixtures to enable standardized tests to be performed, including 4-point flexure tests on construction glass to EN 1288-3 or the double-ring flexure test on flat specimens to DIN EN 1288-5. In addition, ZwickRoell offers solutions for individual test requirements.

Additional Standard-Compliant Tests on Glass

  • DIN EN 1288-2, October 2007: Glass in building: determining flexural strength of glass—Part 2: Double-ring flexure-test on flat specimens with large test surface areas (ISO/DIS 1288-2:2007); German version prEN ISO 1288-2:2007


  • DIN EN 1288-3: Glass in building: determining flexural strength of glass—Part 3: Testing specimens supported at two points (four-point bending) (ISO/DIS 1288-3:2007); German version prEN ISO 1288-3:2007


  • DIN EN 1288-5: Glass in building: determining flexural strength of glass—Part 5: Double-ring flexure-test on flat specimens with small test surface areas (ISO/DIS 1288-5:2007); German version EN ISO 1288-5
  • DIN ISO 614: Shipbuilding and marine structures: toughened safety glass for rectangular windows and side scuttles; punch method of non-destructive strength testing (ISO 614:1989-09)

Testing tiles

ZwickRoell developed this test fixture for determining the adhesive strength of plaster or adhesives on tiles (for example, to DIN EN 12004-2). Adhesion tests can be carried out at a 90° angle. Several tiles can be bonded to the concrete slab simultaneously and pulled off one after the other through simple position changes.

Flexure Tests on Roof Tiles

With the special 3-point flexure test kit from ZwickRoell, tests for determination of the flexural strength of clay roofing tiles (clay roofing tiles for discontinuous laying to EN 538) can be performed. In addition, the flexural strength of concrete roofing-tiles (to EN 491) can also be tested.

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