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Testing of food and packaging

ZwickRoell testing machines for instrumented texture analysis simulate sensory tests or production processes and determine reproducible, objective test results. Subjective influences are eliminated to the greatest extent possible. The results can be displayed and interpreted in the form of graphs, and the product quality can be documented in a simple and structured manner.

Whether you want to test the firmness of a sausage or cheese, the consistency of yogurt, mustard, or tomato paste, or the ease with which a sealing cap can be closed, ZwickRoell has a vast selection of test fixtures, which can also be customized to meet your unique testing needs. Test fixtures can be changed easily allowing for a variety of applications and quick dismantling of the testing machine. Texture and packing tests can be performed on one testing machine, saving space and additional investment.

ZwickRoell has many years of experience and expertise in testing of packaging materials. Active involvement in standards committees and numerous developments allows us to offer a wide range of standard test fixtures and numerous solutions for individual testing needs.

Test Fixtures for Texture Analysis
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Test fixtures for viscosity measurement
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Testing of Packaging
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