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Servohydraulic Testing Machines

Servohydraulic testing machines have universal application for materials and component testing under pulsating or alternating loads, with periodic or random signals. Quasi-static and dynamic loads are also easily achieved.

ZwickRoell's product portfolio includes a variety of testing machines for determining the fatigue life of components or complete products. These range from single testing actuators to servohydraulic testing machines for multi-axial fatigue tests. The force range is available from 5 to 2,500 kN. Also available from ZwickRoell are vibrophores for determination of fatigue life. High cycle fatigue strength can be determined for the tensile and compression limits of the component, as well as for the torsion limit.

Servohydraulic Testing Machines

Servohydraulic testing machines from ZwickRoell can be used for fatigue life testing.

High-speed testing machines

The high-speed testing machines are ideal for puncture tests or high-speed tensile tests. The HTM series high-speed testing machines are ideally suited for the determination of material behavior under crash loading.

Fatigue test on springs

Fatigue tests on springs with the HA100 servohydraulic testing machine

Servohydraulic testing machines - a modular system with many accessories

For the determination of high cycle fatigue strength, ZwickRoell can provide a customized modular system to cover all testing requirements, comprising actuators, hydraulic power packs, distribution units, dynamic testing machines and other accessories. High-performance measurement and control electronics are available with testControl II , while ZwickRoell's testXpert II testing software provides support during test set-up and performance of dynamic tests for the determination of durability. Customized fatigue testing solutions are always available in addition to standardized products.

Decades of Experience in Fatigue Life Testing

The name ZwickRoell is automatically associated with static testing machines. However, ZwickRoell has been active in the field of servohydraulic testing technology for use in fatigue testing and determination of fatigue life for several years and is steadily expanding its product portfolio. Today ZwickRoell has a comprehensive range of products for materials and component testing. Customers in research and science fields rely on testing technology from ZwickRoell, not only for determination of the fatigue life of standard components, but also for fatigue-testing of larger and more complex components and complete products.


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