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Kappa SS-CF

Electromechanical creep testing machine for tests up to 10,000 hours Download
Test load
  • 50 - 100 kN
Temperature range
  • -80 to +2,000°C
Type of test
  • CF, LCF
  • SSRT, HE
  • Creep
  • Stress Relax
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Flexure
  • ISO 204
  • ASTM E139
  • EN 2002-005
  • ASTM E2714
  • ASTM E2760
  • European CoP for TMF

The optimal testing machine for demanding tests, also under alternating load

This patented electromechanical fatigue testing machine with backlash-free zero crossing features a central lead screw and is ideal for force and strain controlled creep fatigue tests. The Kappa SS-CF provides extremely high flexibility, covers the complete range of creep testing applications and is ideal for a wide range of creep tests with alternating load at both ambient and high-temperature conditions.

  • Force and strain controlled creep fatigue tests with alternating load (through zero)
    e.g. CF, LCF, CFCG and TMF tests
  • Advanced creep tests
    - Fatigue tests with threshold and alternating load
    - Strain modeling (e.g. determination of creep curve at different loads)
    - Creep test with slow strain rates (SSRT)
    - Creep data from components tests
  • Static and cyclic crack growth/widening test
  • Determination of hydrogen embrittlement
  • Tests with stepless force and temperature adjustment
  • Relaxation tests
  • Creep test up to break
    - Creep rupture
    - Stress rupture
  • Classic creep tests
  • Short-term tensile, compression and flexure tests can also be performed with this testing machine

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Specific machine design
Axial alignment
Precise specimen temperature
Intelligent electronics and software
Optimal extensometer
Wide range of accessories
Ready for changes in future technology

Specific machine design

  • Specially designed and patented for fatigue tests
  • Load frame with play-free central lead screw drive and precision guidance provided via four steel columns for precise, axial loading
  • Adjustable crosshead enables maximum flexibility in test area height
  • High drive control frequency from 1000 Hz, which enables precise force and strain control for a large application range.
  • High-resolution force and travel measurement for optimum control properties, especially at very low test speeds
  • Precise loading speed with ±0.1% tolerance of the set speed in the measurement range of 1μm/h to 100 mm/min unloaded or under constant load
  • Precision testing machine to DIN EN ISO 7500-1

Axial alignment

  • Central lead screw for axial alignment to ASTM E292
  • Accessories: Fixed load spring for alternating tensile/compression loading with optimal alignment properties to ASTM E012
  • Option: Alignment fixture for axial alignment to ISO 23788:2012 and NADCAP requirements (± 5% flexural stress)

Precise specimen temperature

  • High-temperature furnace, temperature chamber or induction heating system – selection based on test temperature of type of test
  • One, two or three specimen thermocouples – dependent on the specimen length
  • Automatic and specimen-centered entrainment of the thermocouples and the furnace – also in case of long elongations and long test duration
  • Operator-independent temperature control with automated adaptation of the control parameter for influencing factors such as
    - Heating rates and target temperature
    - Specimen size, material and shape
    - Number of thermocouples
  • Guaranteed uniform temperature distribution along the specimen
  • No overshooting of the specimen temperature upon reaching the target temperature
  • Empirical determination of the control parameters for individual temperatures is no longer necessary
  • Wide temperature range with tolerances better than ISO 204 and ASTM E139:
    200°C to 400°C: ± 2 K
    400°C to 1,150°C: ± 1 K

Intelligent electronics and software

  • Consistent workflow orientation reduces training needs to a minimum
  • Strain and force controlled load application (stepless/in blocks)
  • Selectable digital closed loop force, stress and strain controlled creep tests and stress relaxation tests, as well as user-defined load cycles
  • Easy operation during test performance and test result evaluation
  • Integrated temperature control of the high-temperature controller
  • Temperature control, recording and documentation prior to the test (heating phase)
  • Well designed data security concept

Optimal extensometer

Reliable strain measurement is based on an extensometer that has been optimally matched to the testing application. Therefore, selection of the right extensometer is crucial and is the basis for repeatable test results. ZwickRoell engineers are available to help you select the right extensometer for your application, eliminating any guesswork in deciding on an optical or contact-type extensometer:

  • Non-contact extensometer videoXtens
  • Side-attaching contact-type extensometer:
    -makroXtens with high-temperature sensors
    - Side entry extensometer
  • Axial-attaching contact-type extensometer:
    - Rod-in-tube extensometer
    - 4-rod extensometer
  • DCPD extensometer for measuring the crack growth

Further details are available here.

Wide range of accessories

The wide selection of machine accessories supports many application possibilities, allowing for testing with one and the same testing machine at ambient temperature, high temperature and ultra-high temperature.

  • Furnaces with different dimensions and slots
  • Temperature, vacuum and inert gas chambers
  • Induction heating systems
  • Specimen grips and load strings
  • Contact-type and non-contact extensometers
  • Safety enclosures
  • Hot cell solutions

Ready for changes in future technology

Modular design means that the testing system can be converted or retrofitted whenever required. Moreover, testControl II machine electronics are compatible with future-generation ZwickRoell software.

Technical overview

We will find the optimal solution for your creep test application. Please feel free to contact our experts.

We will be happy to discuss your needs.

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