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Creep testing machines

Improving the effectiveness and energy efficiency of power stations and turbine technology involves subjecting the materials used in their construction to ever higher pressures and temperatures.

  • Wide selection of testing solutions for classic and advanced creep tests
  • Various environmental conditions and testing temperatures from -80 to +2,000°C
  • High lateral and axial stiffness of the test frame through four-steel-column construction
  • With precise force, elongation and temperature control, the Kappa series meets the key requirements of creep testing
  • Reliable testXpert III testing software and precise testControl II measurement and control electronics
  • Over 400 successfully installed systems worldwide

Electromechanical creep testing systems up to 10,000 hours

The flexible electromechanical creep testing machines cover the complete range of creep testing applications up to 10,000 hours. The robust design of these testing machines supports creep testing up to a force of 250 kN, and is available with a central lead screw or double lead screw.

Lever arm creep testing systems up to 100,000 hours

Lever arm testing machines are ideal for classic creep tests with test durations up to 100,000 hours. Force is applied via dead weight or a pretensioned spring up to a maximum test force of 100 kN.

Creep testing systems with multiple load axes up to 10,000 hours

The Kappa Multistation is a compact and flexible electromechanical creep testing machine with up to six individually controlled load axes. This cost and space efficient testing system is ideal for a wide spectrum of specimen materials, and is considered the specialist for creep tests on plastics and composites.

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