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IISC Bangalore Tests Microspecimens on ZwickRoell Kappa Mini Creep Testing Machine

The Indian Institute of Science (IISC), a leading institute for scientific research and higher education in Bangalore, India, works with its thermomechanical testing laboratory on numerous projects for which an exact understanding of the mechanical properties and an exact determination of the service life of steel and super alloys is essential.

A testing system according to the Institute's needs

Dr. Praveen Kumar, associate professor at the thermomechanical testing laboratory of IISC stated:
“A testing machine with reliable test results is required for our research. We discovered that the ZwickRoell testing system is almost custom-made for our needs. Using a material testing machine in combination with testing software testXpert ensures that we get reliable test results, critical for our research students. ZwickRoell in India provided great service assistance for the Institute's testing needs."

High requirements for steel and super alloys

To evaluate the creep and creep fatigue behaviors of these high-performance materials, the institute relies on an electromechanical creep testing machine from ZwickRoell. The tested steels, titanium alloys and nickel-based super alloys are used in boilers, aircraft engines, gas turbines and high-temperature pipes for highly advanced power plants. They not only have to withstand long load application periods, but high temperatures as well.

Creep testing on small specimens with gauge lengths of 1 mm or more

Preparing small specimens with limited specimen volumes that are taken directly from aircraft engines and power plants and must be prepared in accordance with ISO or ASTM test standards in full scope, had previously presented a challenge for IISC. Now, with the new testing machine in the thermomechanical testing laboratory, creep tests can be performed on specimens with a gauge length of 1 mm or greater. The test results are then validated via numerical modeling and tests on larger specimens and thereby provide a reliable prediction of the material service life.

Kappa Mini for small forces

The Kappa Mini electromechanical creep testing machine from ZwickRoell is the ideal solution for performing creep tests on very small specimens and for small forces up to 5 kN. Equipped with a 3-zone high-temperature short furnace, IISC can carry out tests in a temperature range from ambient temperature up to +1,000°C. Precise measurement of the specimen temperature is achieved via three thermocouples located directly on the specimen. The specimen adapters, which are optimally adapted to the small specimen sizes, ensure that the microspecimens are held securely and the axes are aligned optimally throughout the entire duration of the test.

Advanced analysis and contactless measurement with videoXtens 1-32 HP/TZ

If small specimens with small forces are tested in various environmental conditions, non-contact strain measurement using the videoXtens 1-32 HP/TZ is the best option. In addition to the high accuracy in class 0.5 according to EN ISO 9513, the Video Capturing function also impresses with the ability for tests to be run after an advanced analysis and helps to better understand the heterogeneity of the materials.