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Accessories Catalog for Materials Testing

With our accessories catalog for materials testing, you have thousands of accessories and software products at your disposal in digital format.Get information on our wide selection of accessories and software products quickly, with 24/7 access, and send us a direct request for quotation without obligation.

Here you will find the right software solution for your testing machine, whether you are looking for an update, an upgrade or a standard test program. You will also be able to access hundreds of accessory items from the test tool, load cell, specimen grip and jaw insert product groups.

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Accessories catalog for materials testing

In our accessories catalog, you will find the widest selection of accessories and software products. Take a look under www.zwickroell.com/kundenportal.

testXpert testing software

- the testing software for all testing machines and testing instruments from ZwickRoell. You will find:

  • Standard test programs - defined testing solutions for standards or applications
  • Master test programs - with individually defined test parameters
  • Updates - update of the current software version
  • Upgrade - switch to a newer software generation
  • and much more

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Specimen grips and jaw inserts

for all specimen materials and specimen shapes:

  • Form-fit / self-aligning specimen grips
  • Toggle / capstan grips
  • Hydraulic grips
  • Wedge grips
  • and much more

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Test tools

for every application and every industry:

  • Test tools for composites / fiber-reinforced composites
  • Test Tools for the Medical Industry
  • Test Tools for Plastics
  • Test Tools for Metals
  • and much more

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Load cells

Xforce load cell - the load cell series by ZwickRoell:

  • Xforce P
  • Xforce HP and HP+
  • Xforce K and K+

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