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Cflow Extrusion Plastometer

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Test methods
  • MFR
  • Method A
Test volume
  • Low
  • Incoming goods inspection

Cflow - the Compact One

The compact Cflow extrusion plastometers were designed as stand-alone instruments for rapid inspection of the melt mass-flow rates (MFR). They are mainly used for incoming goods inspections by plastics processing companies, where extrusion tests are performed sporadically.

The Cflow is designed for MFR tests to method A. Tests can be performed according to the following standards: Method A to ISO 1133, ASTM D1238, ASTM D3364, JIS K 7210.

Cflow Advantages & Features

  • Temperature control of the heating elements, heating chamber and barrel are all perfectly co-ordinated. The temperature is generated at the location where it is utilized, ensuring excellent temperature distribution over the whole barrel height from the outset.
  • Simplified cleaning, with rapid expulsion of residual specimen material.
    - The die plug is located on the underside of the extrusion barrel. Removing the die plug frees the die to move downwards, allowing it to be removed easily.
    - Expelling the die plus residual material after the test is similarly fast and easy. The barrel is now accessible throughout., simplifying cleaning.
  • The optionally available test weight support allows you to retain the test weight in the pre-heating position.
  • Comprehensive accessory range including automatic or manual extrudate cutter, separating pane and die plug is optionally available.

Cflow extrusion plastometer technical data

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Testing of Plastics

MFR/ MVR plastics
ASTM D1238, ASTM D3364
Determination of melt mass-flow rate (MFR), melt volume-flow rate (MVR), flow rate ratio (FRR)
to MFR/ MVR plastics
Melt flow index test plastics
ISO 1133-1, ISO 1133-2
Determination of melt mass-flow rate (MFR or MFI), melt volume-flow rate (MVR)
to Melt flow index test plastics
Determination of MFR & MVR of plastic pipes
ISO 1133-1, ISO 1133-2, ASTM D1238
to Determination of MFR & MVR of plastic pipes


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