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Application-Specific Extrusion Testing with Mflow for Reliable Drainage Products

As an expert in the field of drainage solutions, Kessel AG develops products that set new trends around the globe. The motto: Drainage Solution Innovations for the Future. Newly developed plastic materials have been tested using ZwickRoell’s proven technology for years, and now include the Mflow extrusion plastometer, which provides definitive benefits in terms of reliability and time.

Ensuring consistent material quality

Due to steadily growing test volumes in materials testing and increasing test requirements, Kessel AG continues to rely on the proven technology from ZwickRoell. The Mflow extrusion plastometer is now supporting the quality management department in the development of material alternatives for existing products, as well as in the testing of material properties.

Determination of the melt flow rate to Method A of standard DIN EN ISO 1133

Extrusion testing is a simple method for characterizing the flow properties of a plastic melted mass. This test method is widely used, especially in quality assurance and incoming goods inspections. Depending on which processing stage in the plastics industry is involved, demands on extrusion plastometers can vary, but are easily covered with the Mflow by ZwickRoell.

The right solution: Mflow with testXpert III testing software

The melt flow index can be accurately determined using our modularly expandable Mflow extrusion plastometer. With ZwickRoell’s uniform operating concept, the Mflow can be controlled intuitively, in a workflow-based manner (according to a standard test program) via touch operation on the instrument display in stand-alone format, as well as through our testXpert III testing software installed on a separate PC. Operation via testXpert III provides additional benefits including automatic bubble detection, which prevents measurement errors caused by air pockets. In addition, a live display MVR tracks the melting process as well as the behavior during the measurement. This permanently ensures a reliable and successful measurement process.

Clear benefits in terms of reliability and time

In addition to positive experiences with their existing universal testing machine, the Cflow extrusion plastometer, the HIT25P pendulum impact tester and analog and digital hardness testers to Shore, the Mflow adds further benefits for Kessel AG:

  • High application reliability based on the semi-automated test process
  • Flexibility and little time requirement because the device does not have to be 100% monitored
  • Continuous occupational safety, since the weights must no longer be placed and removed manually due to the pneumatic weight lifting unit

“We are consistently satisfied with the overall product, service and communication package. Because we have to meet high quality requirements and prefer local manufacturers, ZwickRoell is the ideal partner for us,” concluded Christian Grab, supervisor in the quality management department at Kessel AG.

Kessel AG relies on materials testing machines from ZwickRoell