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Innovation Based on Tradition

The company history of the ZwickRoell Group dates back more than 160 years. A wide range of innovations in the field of materials testing have been associated with the names Amsler, Mohr&Federhaff, Roell and Zwick since the mid-19th century.


1854 Foundation of the Amsler company

  • In 1854, Jakob-Amsler-Laffon founded the Amsler company in Switzerland.
  • As both a mathematician and physicist, among other things invented the planimeter and the integrator.
  • In the 1880s he developed hydraulic testing machines.
  • In 1982, Amsler was acquired by the Roell company.


MFL develops the first testing machines

  • In 1870, the first testing machines were developed by the Mannheim Machine Factory (MFL)
  • In the years that followed, the company became known worldwide under the name Mohr & Federhaff, and in addition to tensile testing machines developed pendulum impact testers and torsion testing machines.
  • The company was acquired by Roell in 1986.



1920 Foundation of the Roell company

  • Paul Roell and Alfred Korthaus founded the company 1920.
  • After Alfred Korthaus retired in 1921, Paul Roell managed the company by himself as an engineering office.
  • Testing machines were developed and successfully operated all over Europe.
  • In 1952, Paul Roell's son Werner Paul Roell became his successor, who then in 1989 transfered the companies over to his son Dr. Jan Stefan Roell.

1925 Sheet metal testing machine R1

  • In the 1920s, Paul Roell developed the manually operated sheet metal testing machine type R1.
  • The main benefits came from the machine’s robust operation and the hydraulic functions.


1935 Foundation of the Zwick company

  • Franz Zwick Senior founded the company in 1935 in Ulm-Einsingen.
  • A few years later, engineer Max Späth joined the company and developed a series of different testing machines, under management of the founder’s sons Alois and Bernhard Zwick.





  • Merger of the companies Zwick and Roell
    In 1992, Zwick and Roell merged to form ZwickRoell AG.Dr. Jan Stefan Roell becomes the Chief Executive Officer.

  • First testXpo at Zwick
    In 1992, the first testXpo took place at Zwick in Ulm: one day, fifteen exhibits, four technical presentations and nearly 200 visitors.

ZwickRoell today

Today, customers of the ZwickRoell Group benefit from more than 160 years experience in materials and components testing. ZwickRoell is a global leader in static testing and is experiencing significant growth in the field of fatigue testing systems. The statistics: The company had an order entry of EUR 236 million for the fiscal year 2019. More than 1,600 employees and production facilities in Germany (Ulm, Berlin, Bickenbach), the United Kingdom (Stourbridge), Austria (Fürstenfeld) and China (Taicang) are part of the ZwickRoell Group. The company also has branches in France, Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, and China, as well as representatives in 56 countries.