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ZwickRoell as an Employer

Anyone who chooses ZwickRoell—whether as a customer or an employee—benefits from genuine added value. More specifically, this means that: Here you will be promoted, supported and rewarded.

ZwickRoell at a Glance

Company culture and values
Employee benefits and opportunities
Compensation and incentives
Internal surveys
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Company culture and values

We are one team, one family. We work together, regardless of position or level of responsibility. We share a common goal to generate profitable growth through passionate commitment to our customers—a challenge that motivates us every day.

Employee benefits and opportunities

We provide clear benefits for our employees: we reward performance, we provide employee benefits and an attractive workspace. In addition to a wide range of training courses and development opportunities, we also hold annual employee well-being and team building events.

Compensation and incentives

We reward performance with attractive compensation. More specifically, this means the following:

  • The remuneration basis is the collective bargaining compensation in accordance with the collective wage agreement for the metals industry in Nordwürttemberg and Nordbaden, Germany.
  • On top of that, our employees receive a personal performance bonus on a monthly basis, which is the result of an annual review implemented by their direct supervisor.
  • At ZwickRoell, special payments such as vacation and Christmas bonuses are a fixed part of the salary.
  • In addition, we want to include you in our joint corporate success: therefore, every employee receives annual incentive compensation.
  • Our Wincentive system is designed to directly reward above average and exceptional performance. This point system is used to support and promote team spirit and cooperation across divisions in a systematic, fair and highly motivating manner.

Moreover, there are further compensation systems as well as many performance-related compensation components.

Internal surveys

The opinions of our employees are extremely important to us. Therefore, we conducted an independent internal employee survey with our external partner ISPA consult GmbH in the Spring of 2021.

We were especially pleased with the following results:

  • Grade 1.5 (out of a school grade scale of 1-6, with 1 being excellent) in response to the question “If I had to decide anew today, would I choose my company again?”
  • Grade 1.66 (out of a school grade scale of 1-6, with 1 being excellent) in response to the question “I would recommend my company as a place of work to one of my friends at any time”

Other figures, data, facts from the internal survey:

  • More than 600 participants (≙ response rate of approx. 64%).
  • Questions regarding job satisfaction, job conditions, supervisors, processes, personal/professional development opportunities and much more.
  • Overall satisfaction of 2.26 (out of a school grade scale of 1-6, with 1 being excellent)
  • A slight improvement when compared to 2017.

ZwickRoell provides me the opportunity to build my career while also being able to focus on my family.

Christian, Head of Department, Field Service

  • Individual working time models
  • Strong family-friendly policies
  • Focus on work-life balance

Employee well-being

Career and family
Pension plans
Health management

Career and family

  • ZwickRoell is a family-owned company and as such a healthy balance between work and life is important to us.
  • We promote employee work-life balance through flex time, thus allowing the perfect combination of work and family life.
  • Our employees can also accumulate a lifetime working account to enable them to take a sabbatical or early retirement.
  • We offer our employees various part-time working options depending on the area of responsibility. We take into account almost every request, thus enabling employees a good transition back into the workforce after parental leave.

Pension plans

We offer every employee an attractive pension plan, financially supported by the company. We provide almost all available options for company pension plans, such as:

  • Pensionskasse (insurance fund company in Germany)
  • Provident fund
  • Individual stakeholder plan

Health management

The well-being of our employees is important to us! We therefore offer a workplace health promotion program. This includes:

  • Health-related options such as free of charge training courses or regular Nordic walking and running groups
  • Free medical screenings and check-ups, and vaccinations when needed

At ZwickRoell I have the opportunity to continuously participate in coaching sessions to further my personal and professional development.

Amelie, Executive Assistant

  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Cost absorption

Employee development

Personal development and Learning Week
ZwickRoell Expert Exchange Program (ZREEP)

Personal development and Learning Week

Skilled employees are our most valuable asset,

  • We therefore not only maintain a comprehensive annual budget for individual and targeted ongoing development, but have also developed a unique continuing education format:
  • During our learning week, we offer more than 100 courses in six days, in which more than 500 employees participated in 2021.Training courses range in topics from technical to personal development.

ZwickRoell Expert Exchange Program (ZREEP)

  • With our ZREEP we want to empower our employees to expand their professional horizon through opportunities abroad and experience a new country and culture over a duration of several weeks.
  • This enables our employees to lead training courses internationally and on-site at our customer premises and later share their experiences.
  • At the same time, they have the opportunity to assist with on-site support visits with our customers or participate in sales-supporting consulting projects.