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Biomechanics and Orthopedics

Biomechanics involves the functions and structures of the musculoskeletal system and the movements of biological systems. Orthopedics involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, abnormalities, and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Medical products that are tested include orthopedic implants, osteosynthetic implants, and prostheses, which support or replace physiological functions.

Important tests in the field of biomechanics and orthopedics

Spinal implants
ISO 12189-8, ASTM F1717 and ASTM F2706
In addition to purely axial tensile, compression and flexure tests, a pure or combined torsion load can be applied to spinal systems in compliance with standards including ASTM F1717-9, ASTM F2706-8 or ISO 12189-08.
to Spinal implants
Intervertebral body fusion device
ASTM F2077 and ASTM F2267
ZwickRoell offers the right testing system for testing of intervertebral body fusion devices to ASTM F2077 and ASTM F2267
to Intervertebral body fusion device
Knee Implants
ASTM F1800 and ISO 14879
Fatigue tests on the tibial plateau of artificial knee joints to ASTM F1800 and ISO 14879.
to Knee Implants
Bone plates
ASTM F382 and ISO 9585
Flexure test on metallic bone plates and fixation devices to ASTM F382 and ISO 9585 (osteosynthesis plates)
to Bone plates
Bone screws
ASTM F543 and ISO 6475
ZwickRoell offers the right testing system for testing of bone screws to ASTM F543 and ISO 6475.
to Bone screws

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