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ASTM F382 and ISO 9585 Flexure Test on Metallic Bone Plates and Fixation Devices (Osteosynthesis Plates)

Osteosynthesis implants facilitate stable fixation of related bone fragments—testing of bone plates.

In the medical industry, bone plates and fixation devices must meet many fundamental requirements defined by certain standards and norms, because they are used in the treatment of complicated fractures.

ZwickRoell's test kit for bone plates and fixation devices can assist in performing mechanical tests to ASTM F382 and ISO 9585 for quality control or for research and development purposes. The static and dynamic strength of bone plates are tested using a 3-point and 4-point flexure test, with the flexure test kit consisting of two fixed and parallel aligned anvils. It is also possible to test bone pins to ASTM F1264 with a similar test arrangement.

Benefits of the ZwickRoell test kit for bone plates

  • Easy to use, and fully meets the requirements of ASTM F382 – Determining the flexural strength of metallic bone plates and fixation devices, and of ISO 9585.
  • Universal flexure test kit featuring easy adjustment of upper or lower anvil diameter; specimen-specific anvils can also be used
  • Designed for quasi-static and pulsating compressive loads
  • Available with displacement transducer for direct measurement of deflection on the osteosynthesis specimen method

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