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roboTest L Robotic Testing System

For automated tensile tests and flexure tests Download
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Rubber
  • Medical
Type of test
  • Tensile
  • Flexure
Specimen range
  • Specimens up to 1 kg
  • ISO 6892
  • ASTM E8
  • JIS Z2201
  • ISO 527-2
  • ASTM D790
  • ISO 178

The perfect testing systems for tensile or flexure tests

The robotic testing system roboTest L (linear) is used to perform fully automated tensile tests on metals (e.g. to ISO 6892, ASTM E8, JIS Z2201) or tensile and flexure tests on plastics (e.g. to ISO 527-2 , ASTM D790 or ISO 178).

The robotic testing system can also be used for tests on medical products, for example to test safety closures on medicines in a traceable and reliable manner.

Tensile testing (e.g. to DIN 53504 S2, ASTM D412 or ISO 37) or tear growth testing (to ISO 34-1) on elastomer specimens can also be automated.

The future measures blue – and so does our roboTest L: with laserXtens

Non-contact measurement of extension and change in width – laserXtens supports the modern laboratory

  • The laserXtens is used for optical measurement of a material’s extension and change in width.
  • The extension is measured on both sides of the specimen, since for a cold strip, for example, the material can flow unevenly on the two sides.
  • To optimize measurements, a blue light is used, by which precise and repeatable results are determined.

Robotic testing system roboTest L with the latest drive axis and Windows 10 – the workhorse for tensile tests on metals.

  • Due to its compact setup, the roboTest L takes up relatively little space. High specimen throughput provides fast results.
  • The system runs automated tensile tests up to 250 kN on cold strips with thicknesses of 0.5 mm to 10 mm.
  • The magazine can hold a maximum of 160 specimens.

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Name Type Size Download
  • Product information: roboTest L robotic testing system for metals PDF 79 KB
  • Product information: roboTest L robotic testing system for plastics PDF 71 KB
  • Product information: roboTest L robotic testing system for elastomers PDF 100 KB

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