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BASF’s top priority: Reliable test results by automatic tensile testing with roboTest L robotic testing system

BASF is a globally active company in the field of chemistry. At the site in Ansan (South Korea) automotive engineering plastics and light plastics parts are developed using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) technology. The system is used in research and development to determine the mechanical properties of new materials. 

Specimens provided by different research groups are tested automatically in high amounts of specimen. Our magazine can store up to 480 specimen. Achieving consistent and reliable data of specimen, which expose sunlight and environmental pollution is BASF’s top priority. Our robotic testing system 'roboTest L' ensures reliable test results by exclusion of human influence. Therefore, the work efficiency increased with the newly adopted automated measurement equipment. Reliability, increasing work efficiency and our successful references of automated testing systems in Korea were the main factors, why BASF decided to purchase at our side.

The system at BASF performs tensile tests according to ISO and ASTM. Prior to the test the cross section is measured automated too.

Main components roboTest L

Products for automated tensile testing on plastics