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Reliable test results by automatic tensile testing with roboTest L robotic testing system

KRICT is the national chemical research institute of South Korea, which supports small and medium sized enterprises by developing and transferring technologies in chemistry and related fields. 

The system is used in research and development to determine the mechanical properties of new materials and automate the injection processing of polymer composite resins. KRICT wants to construct a miniature data factory which generates data through automated process that minimizes human error. The generated data predicts the properties of polymer composite resin through artificial intelligence (AI). The AI is only useful, if the testing results are consistent and reliable. KRICT purchased the ZwickRoell robotic testing machine for processing specimen molding, which were provided by different research groups. Automatic testing ensures reliable test results by exclusion of human influence. 

Apart from the typical results, the Poisson’s ratio is determined, using a non-contacting reduction-in-width monitor videoXtens.

The system performs tensile tests according to ISO and ASTM. Prior to the test the cross-section is measured. 

Main components roboTest L

Products for testing polymer composite resins