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Testing of Plastics

Our comprehensive portfolio of testing equipment for plastics is a result of the experience and commitment of approximately 100 product developers and a close partnership with our customers. We offer a variety of product lines that feature customized testing systems for every application.

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Testing Plastics with ZwickRoell

One of our major strengths lies in the characterization of molding materials as specified in standards such as ISO 10350 (single-point data), ISO 11403 (multipoint data), and ISO 17282 (design data). Many of these results are obtained using ZwickRoell testing equipment and made available by members of the CAMPUS team on their website, www.campusplastics.com.

Another key area is the vast field of product and component testing. Specimens are taken from finished products, and sections of products are tested, or the entire finished product is subjected to mechanical loading to test its function. Examples are plastic films and packaging, frames and plastic pipes, hard and soft foams, and the wide scope of complete seats.

Thermoplastics and thermosetting molding materials

A key aspect of the characterization of molding materials is the inter-laboratory reproducibility of test results. Specimen production, specimen shapes, and test sequences are all specified in detail, with rigorous demands on both repeatability and traceability. In quality control, the basic standard of evaluation is the change in measured values over a period of time.
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Intermediate products and finished parts

The objectives of testing specimens taken from finished parts or intermediate products differ significantly from those of molding materials testing. That is why there are two different objectives when testing intermediate products and finished parts: functional product characteristics, material properties
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Thin sheeting and plastic films

Plastic films have become an integral part of daily life. We use them to package food, carry our groceries home from the store, and cover vegetables grown in greenhouses and fields. Film packaging is common in the medical engineering industry and often saves lives. A wide variety of films are also used in construction.
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Testing hard and soft polymer foams

Flexible foam is used in vehicle seat cushions, furniture, mattresses as insulating material, and for acoustic damping. Hard foam is used for thermal and acoustic insulation, as a core material for composites, and also as a substrate material, for example in road construction.
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Plastic Pipes

Pipe systems made of thermoplastic polymers or fiberglass reinforced plastics are mainly used for transporting water or gases. They are subject to stringent quality requirements. Due to the wide range of application areas and materials, there are numerous national and international standards used in the testing of plastic pipes. Both the material properties of the plastic and the performance characteristics of the finished pipe are tested. ZwickRoell testing machines are used to perform many of these tests.
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