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ISO 11193-1, -2, ISO 37 Tensile Test on Rubber Gloves

Disposable medical gloves protect during operations, examinations, and nursing activities. The most important requirement is that they are impermeable to air, fluids, and microorganisms. They are manufactured by immersing molds in solutions of natural rubber or latex mixtures. The immersion and drying processes are repeated until the required thickness is achieved, after which the gloves are vulcanized in curing ovens.

Purpose of the test

So that they do not tear when being pulled on or while in use, the gloves must display sufficiently elastic behavior. Examples of stresses to which they are subjected include hooking or holding pointed or sharp tools, foreign bodies or instruments against the gloves.

Methods used to guarantee the required operational reliability include the following mechanical tests:

  • Tear-strength tests are performed on gloves with and without a seam, as well as on artificially aged gloves.
  • They are performed according to ISO 37.
  • Three shouldered test bars are punched out of the palm, back, and cuff of the sample glove, parallel to the longitudinal axis. Structured areas should be avoided.

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