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digiClip Extensometer

The proven digital clip-on extensometers from ZwickRoell Download
Max. measurement range
  • 40 mm
Temperature range
  • Ambient temperature
Type of test + change in width
  • Tensile test
  • Compression test
  • Change in width measurement
  • Biaxial measurement
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Fiber-reinforced composites

Digital clip-on extensometer

These highly efficient and cost-effective extensometers offer significant advantages over strain-gage systems in terms of measuring range, accuracy and signal processing.

digiClip is available from ZwickRoell in four different versions for extension and/or change-in-width measurement. This digital system delivers uniform accuracy over the entire gauge length. digiClips' compact design is made possible by miniaturizing the digital scale. Furthermore, the lightweight measuring system is positioned very close to the specimen. Thus, the loading of the specimen is minimized.

Function description
Advantages and features
Advantages of digiClip short and digiClip long
digiClip transverse
Function description

Function description

There is consistent accuracy across the entire gage length in an incremental system. The clip-on extensometer's compact design is made possible by minimizing the size of the incremental scale. The lightweight measuring system is positioned very close to the specimen. Thus, the loading of the specimen is minimized.

The range of application of the digiClip clip-on extensometer is expanded even further by the number of different initial gage lengths available and through the flexible change in measurement travel that can be switched from "Tensile only" to "Tensile and compression" at extension.

Advantages and features

  • Very high resolution and accuracy over the entire measuring range.
  • During extension measurement the measuring range can be switched from "Tension only" to "Tension and compression".
  • Low overall height allows digiClip to be used for small grip-to-grip separations, while its low weight and compact design minimize the load on specimen.
  • Adjustable depth-stop with scales for common specimen widths helps to ensure that the clip-on extensometer is always attached centrally to the specimen.
  • Very high resolution (0.02 µm) in all versions.

Advantages of digiClip short and digiClip long

  • Additional knife-edges for notch-sensitive specimens included in delivery
  • Adjustable initial gauge lengths
  • Initial gauge length automatically locked at attachment and unlocked at release
  • Guaranteed high-resolution Young's modulus determination as per ISO 527-1
  • Maximum error of ±1 μm in differential displacement measurement between two measurement points in a range from 20 μm to 200 μm, completely satisfying the additional requirement as per ISO 527-1 (2011)
  • Approved for closed-loop strain-rate control as per ISO 6892-1 (2009) Method A (1) and ASTM E8 – 09 Method B
  • Mounting bracket for attachment to load frame plus fall protection included in delivery.

digiClip transverse

The digiClip transverse strain extensometer is designed for the r-value determination on metals according to standards ASTM E517 and ISO 10113. The extensometer is ideal for determination of the Poisson’s ratio on plastics and composites according to DIN EN ISO 527-1/-2/-4 in a tensile test. In addition, it can be used to determine the in-plane shear behavior of fiber-reinforced composites in a ±45° shear test.

Function description

The biaxial extensometer digiClip is a manual clip-on extensometer. It is attached direct on the specimen and determines the extension as well as the change in width at one measurement line.

Technical overview

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