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LTM Electrodynamic Testing Machine

  • Medical
  • Electronics
Test load
  • 1 kN - 10 kN
Type of test
  • Fatigue
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • ISO 18489
  • ASTM F2193
  • ISO 14801
  • ASTM F1798
  • ASTM F1717

The linear motor testing machine - an all around machine for the small force range

The LTM electrodynamic testing machines are used to determine the durability of materials and components in the finite life fatigue and high cycle fatigue ranges.

The LTM’s wide speed range allows it to be used for both dynamic fatigue tests and quasi-static tests. The oil-free drive, combined with ease of installation, makes the electrodynamic testing machine ideal for use in biomedical engineering and electronics, as well as for research and training. Typical examples include tests on hip-joint and knee replacements and dental implants. Other applications are tests on standard plastics and composites specimens, as well as aluminum and plastics CT and SEB specimens. 

The electrodynamic testing machine is available with loads of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 kN.

LTM Electrodynamic Testing Machine

Range of application for the LTM electrodynamic testing machine

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

Test frequencies
Maintenance-free operation


The LTM is an electrodynamic testing machine with a drive based on linear motor technology. ZwickRoell's newly developed patented drive concept enables the LTM to be used for both dynamic and static materials and components testing. The low moved mass of the drive provides ideal conditions for performing fatigue tests with tensile, compression, and flexural loading.

The LTM is used in industries where oil-free and low-noise drive technology are preferred, for example, in the medical industry for standard-compliant testing of hip joint, knee, or dental implants.

Other typical application examples include fatigue and durability tests on standard specimens made of plastics, fiber composites and metals.

For components testing, the LTM is equipped with a T-slotted plate that can be adapted to components, and test fixtures quickly and easily as standard.

Intuitive operation via testXpert R and testXpert III software makes the LTM a genuine all-rounder for industrial purposes as well as for research and teaching at university level.


  • High dynamic performance due to low moving mass
  • Wide speed-range enables dynamic as well as quasi-static tests
  • Low operating and maintenance costs with oil-free drive technology without additional supply feeds
  • Motor-driven traverse adjustment for convenient operation
  • safe setup mode as per EN 60204-1 via speed reduction to 10 mm/s
  • Simple manual crosshead locking via hand lever with electrical monitoring and LED status indicator
  • Long piston-stroke (60 mm) enables wide variety of applications
  • Operator-friendly testXpert R testing software with preset controller settings and availability of free controller definition for dynamic testing requirements
  • Intelligent testing software testXpert III featuring intuitive operation for static testing requirements.
  • Flexible use of specimen grips and fixtures over the entire dynamic product range
  • The electromagnetic drive was designed specifically for the speed range relevant to testing technology and features exceptionally quiet operation, optimum control quality and extremely high positioning accuracy
  • The travel measuring system is coaxial to the test axis and mounted near the specimen in the piston rod, enabling high positioning repeatability and precise piston travel measurement

Test frequencies

The test frequencies, which are up to 100 Hz depending on the test, ensure short test times and with that high specimen throughput.



The linear motor does not require any additional media connections such as for pneumatics, coolant or oil. This lowers maintenance and installation costs.



Operation is via testXpert R testing software for dynamic tests and testXpert III for static tests. It is intuitive and specifically adapted for the test tasks.

Learn more about the testXpert R testing software

Learn more about the testXpert III testing software


Maintenance-free operation

Wear-free components ensure maintenance-free operation.

Technical overview

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Dental Implants
ISO 14801
Testing solutions for dynamic fatigue testing of dental implants
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Bone plates
ASTM F382 and ISO 9585
Flexure Test on Metallic Bone Plates and Fixation Devices to ASTM F382 and ISO 9585 (Osteosynthesis Plates)
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Knee Implants
ASTM F1800 and ISO 14879
Fatigue tests on the tibial plateau of artificial knee joints to ASTM F1800 and ISO 14879.
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Spinal implants
ISO 12189-8, ASTM F1717 and ASTM F2706
In addition to purely axial tensile, compression and flexure tests, a pure or combined torsion load can be applied to spinal systems in compliance with standards including ASTM F1717-9, ASTM F2706-8 or ISO 12189-08.
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Intervertebral body fusion device
ASTM F2077 and ASTM F2267
ZwickRoell offers the right testing system for testing of intervertebral body fusion devices to ASTM F2077 and ASTM F2267
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Bone screws
ASTM F543 and ISO 6475
ZwickRoell offers the right testing system for testing of bone screws to ASTM F543 and ISO 6475.
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  • Product information: LTM 5 / LTM 10 PDF 742 KB
  • Product brochure: Dynamic PDF 5 MB