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Servohydraulic load frames

Test load
  • 10 kN - 25 kN (HC)
  • 50 kN - 500 kN (HA)
  • 50 kN - 2,500 kN (HB)
Type of test
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture mechanics
  • LCF
  • ISO 12106
  • ASTM E606
  • DIN 50100
  • ASTM E399
  • ASTM E647
  • ASTM E466

Servohydraulic load frames

The load frames of ZwickRoell’s servohydraulic testing machines have been specially designed for specific fatigue testing requirements, which is reflected in their high frame stiffness, among other things. They are used to determine material characteristic values under vibrating loads, including S-N tests (high cycle fatigue tests), LCF tests (low cycle fatigue) or fracture mechanics tests.

Depending on testing requirements and the need for ergonomic working conditions in everyday tests, the testing actuator is mounted either above or below the test area.

A separate hydraulic power pack is required for the servohydraulic load frames. ZwickRoell offers hydraulic power packs with different power levels, allowing the servohydraulic load frames to be adapted to specific customer requirements.

HC series up to 25 kN HA series up to 500 kN HB series up to 2,500 kN

HC series up to 25 kN

While the load frames of the HA and HB series are floor-standing, allowing equipment assembly at an optimum operating height, the servohydraulic load frames of the HC series, both 10 kN and 25 kN, are table-top models. A matching concrete base ensures ergonomic working height.

In the servohydraulic HC table-top load frame, the testing actuator is located above the test area. The hard-chromed T-slot platform in the test area as well as the columns of the test frame are suited for testing under corrosive media.

An optional hydraulic adjustment facilitates the positioning of the upper crosshead.

HA series up to 500 kN

The HA series servohydraulic load frames are available in standard versions (Fmax) 50 kN, 100 kN, 250 kN and 500 kN.

With the testing actuator mounted in the lower crosshead, the HA series represents the typical servohydraulic testing machine used for determining material properties under cyclic loading. It is particularly suitable for tests requiring the use of temperature chambers or high-temperature furnaces.

The upper crosshead is adjustable, with optional hydraulic crosshead clamping and lift cylinders. The testing actuator stroke is 100 mm or 250 mm. The servohydraulic testing machine can be supplied for 210 bar or 280 bar system pressure.

HB series up to 2,500 kN

The HB series servohydraulic load frames are available in standard versions (Fmax) 50 kN, 100 kN, 250 kN, 500 kN, 1,000 kN and 2,500 kN.

In the HB series, the testing actuator is located above the test area. These machines are particularly versatile. The version with integrated T-slotted platform allows flexure tests and component testing to be performed in addition to standard high cycle fatigue tests. The load cell can be mounted on the lower crosshead or directly onto the piston rod, depending on the application.

A wide range of acessories, including hydraulic grips, compression platens, flexure test kits, and more, complete the system.

Advantages and features

Closed force distribution
Load frame stiffness
Alignment accuracy
Crosshead adjustment
Remote control
Operator protection

Closed force distribution

The two-column load frames are designed for materials and component testing under vibrating operational conditions with a closed distribution of forces. The frame stands on anti-vibration leveling elements.

Load frame stiffness

The test frame features extremely high axial and lateral stiffness, resulting in natural resonance. To avoid unwanted flexural stresses in the specimen the load frames are accurately aligned.

The high stiffness supports higher frequencies and specimen deformations. In addition, high lateral forces, such as those that can occur during compression and flexure tests, can be absorbed without any problems.

Alignment accuracy

The servohydraulic load frames are aligned with a high level of precision. After installation of the testing actuator and load cell, the alignment accuracy is +0.1 mm per meter distance. At a distance of less than 350 mm, the offset is a constant 0.05 mm. Plane-parallelity of the mounting surfaces is equal to or better than 0.03 mm per 100 mm.

All fixtures and load cells are mounted via flanges with a centering gauge.

Crosshead adjustment

Hydraulic clamping and adjustment simplifies the positioning of the upper crosshead.

Remote control

The entire test, including setup and control of automatic extensometers and specimen grips, is run via the display-equipped remote control.

Operator protection

Regardless of applications, we offer an optional safety housing in compliance with the CE Machinery Directive.

Technical overview

HA seriesHB seriesHC series
HA series servohydraulic load frameHB series servohydraulic load frameHC series servohydraulic load frame
Force levels
  • 50 kN
  • 100 kN
  • 250 kN
  • 500 kN
  • 50 kN
  • 100 kN
  • 250 kN
  • 500 kN
  • 1,000 kN
  • 2,500 kN
  • 10 kN
  • 25 kN
Testing actuatorLower crossheadUpper crossheadUpper crosshead
Alignment fixture-
Temperature chamber--
High-temperature furnace--
T-slotted platform-
Typical Applications
  • Components
  • Biomedicine
Comparison of servohydraulic load frames

Components and accessories

Hydraulic power packs
Servohydraulic testing actuator
Hydraulic distribution unit
Remote control
Expanded temperature range
Additional accessories
Hydraulic power pack 40 l/min without noise protection for servohydraulic load frames

Hydraulic power packs

Servohydraulic load frames require a hydraulic power pack for drive and control of the testing actuator. The ZwickRoell hydraulic power packs feature high operational reliability and long service life.

When designing the power packs, we focused on cost-effectiveness for our customers. The stand-alone power packs are used with systems with power control. Only as much hydraulic power is produced as is currently required by the testing systems.


Testing actuator LH2500 for servohydraulic load frames

Servohydraulic testing actuator

ZwickRoell’s testing actuators are servohydraulic linear drives that convert hydraulic energy into a mechanical linear movement.

The servohydraulic testing actuators feature sturdy, robust construction and are used both in servohydraulic testing machines and as single testing actuators, for example on a clamping plate. When used in conjunction with a servo valve they enable complex loading sequences to be implemented with great accuracy.


Distribution unit for servohydraulic load frames

Hydraulic distribution unit

The hydraulic distribution unit distributes the pressurized oil generated by the hydraulic power pack. It connects or disconnects the hydraulic pressure for a servohydraulic testing actuator or servohydraulic testing machine.

A connecting valve is allocated to each consumer, allowing them to be switched independently of each other. The modular design enables addition of an extra switching manifold whenever required.


Controller for servohydraulic load frames


The testControl measurement and control electronics for servohydraulic testing machines supports the control of hydraulic linear or torsion actuators that are used in free-standing format or in a testing machine.

The controller allows the performance of static, quasi-static, oscillating and dynamic tests to be carried out on materials, parts, components and complete structures.

  • Maximum data accuracy thanks to the 24 bit resolution of the measurement signal over the entire measurement range.
  • Precision measurement and control through data acquisition and clock rate of 10 kHz.
Remote control for servohydraulic load frames

Remote control

The ergonomic handheld remote control with display enables you to work efficiently and ergonomically. The entire test process, including setup and control of automatic extensometers and specimen grips, is run via the display-equipped remote control

Expanded temperature range

Tests in different temperature ranges are used to determine the effect of specific temperatures on material properties. For these tests, ZwickRoell offers various temperature chambers and high-temperature furnaces that guarantee the perfect solution for every application.

Special tests for the determination of low cycle fatigue (LCF tests) require test temperatures on the specimen up to 1,000 °C. The high-temperature furnace has three independently controllable temperature zones in order to achieve the most even temperature distribution possible on the specimen.

Additional accessories

The final element in our dynamic testing product portfolio is the manufacture of all the necessary accessories, including specimen grips and test tools. Our portfolio is constantly being expanded through a program of continuous development and inclusion of new products.

For more information on our accessories, please contact our experts.

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testXpert R – our software for dynamic testing

testXpert R is used with servohydraulic testing machines, vibrophores and electrodynamic testing machines. The testing software offers the right test programs for fatigue tests, fracture mechanics, low cycle fatigue (LCF). A graphical block editor is available for free test configurations, where up to 100 blocks can be parameterized.

Learn more about the testXpert R testing software

Do you have questions about our dynamic products?

Please feel free to contact our experts. We will be happy to discuss your needs.

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Other dynamic testing machines

Typical tests performed with servohydraulic load frames

Low cycle fatigue (LCF) test
ISO 12106, ASTM E606
to Low cycle fatigue (LCF) test
High Cycle Fatigue Test / S-N Test
DIN 50100
to High Cycle Fatigue Test / S-N Test
Fracture mechanics: critical stress intensity factor K1C
to Fracture mechanics: critical stress intensity factor K1C
Fracture mechanics: crack growth da/dN and threshold value
to Fracture mechanics: crack growth da/dN and threshold value


Name Type Size Download
  • Product Information: HA series servohydraulic testing machine PDF 398 KB
  • Product Information: Hydraulic Distribution Unit PDF 396 KB
  • Product Information: HB series servohydraulic testing machine PDF 378 KB
  • Product Information: HC series servohydraulic testing machine PDF 293 KB
  • Product Information: Hydrostatic single testing actuator 10-50 kN PDF 540 KB
  • Product Information: Hydrostatic single testing actuator 100-1000 kN PDF 480 KB
  • Product Information: 20 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 567 KB
  • Product Information: 40 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 567 KB
  • Product Information: 80 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 598 KB
  • Product Information: 170 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 391 KB
  • Product Brochure: Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems PDF 5 MB

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