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HC Compact servohydraulic testing machine

Compact testing system with integrated hydraulic power pack Download
Test load
  • 10 kN - 100 kN
Type of test
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture mechanics
  • LCF
  • ISO 12106
  • ASTM E606
  • DIN 50100
  • ASTM E399
  • ASTM E647
  • ASTM E466

Compact testing system with hydraulic power pack

The HC series compact testing system is a complete testing system in which the low noise power pack serves as the substructure for the test frame, keeping the machine’s footprint to a minimum. Combined with special sound insulation for the hydraulic power pack, the HC Compact is ideal for operation in a laboratory.

The HC Compact testing machine is available in two sizes.

  • The HC Compact 10/25 kN is designed for fatigue tests on smaller components, down to and including biomedical tests. The machine is equipped with a T-slotted platform and the testing actuator is therefore located in the upper crosshead.
  • The HC Compact 50/100 kN is adapted for a full range of accessories for tests on composites, with which both static and dynamic testing can be performed. Due to the high stiffness of the load frame and easy connection of a high-temperature furnace, this machine is also optimally suited for LCF tests.

A temperature chamber can be installed on both models without a lot of effort. For applications with particularly high requirements on the load string alignment (e.g. LCF tests) the machines can be equipped with an optional alignment fixture.

Advantages and features

Minimum space requirement
Low volume
Closed force distribution
Alignment accuracy
Remote control
Operator protection
Crosshead adjustment
Hydraulic power pack cooling system
Hydraulic power pack maintenance

Minimum space requirement

The low noise power pack forms the base support for the test frame, reducing the machine’s footprint to a minimum.

With a total weight of approximately 1,200 kg (HC Compact 10/25) and approx. 1,400 kg (HC Compact 50/100), it can be set up on almost any industrial floor.

Low volume

Because of the integrated low noise power pack design, no additional sound insulation measures of any type are required. The HC Compact can therefore be set up in almost any laboratory.

Closed force distribution

The two-column test frame is bolted directly to the hydraulic power pack. The entire testing system, including the hydraulic power pack, stand on anti-vibration leveling elements.

Alignment accuracy

The servohydraulic compact testing systems are aligned with utmost precision. After installation of the testing actuator and load cell, the alignment accuracy is +0.1 per meter distance. At a distance of less than 350 mm, the offset is a constant 0.05 mm. Plane-parallelity of the mounting surfaces is equal to or better than 0.03 mm per 100 mm.

All fixtures and load cells are mounted via flanges with a centering gauge.

Remote control

The entire test, including setup and control of automatic extensometers and specimen grips, is run via the display-equipped remote control.

Operator protection

Regardless of application, we offer an optional safety housing in compliance with the CE Machinery Directive.

Crosshead adjustment

Hydraulic adjustment for easy positioning of the upper crosshead is available as an option.

Hydraulic power pack cooling system

In addition to water cooling, the hydraulic power pack of the HC Compact 50/100 has an internal cooling circuit, which reduces the escape of heated air from the hydraulic power pack to a minimum. Therefore, there is much less heat in the room and the testing system can be set up in almost any laboratory.

Hydraulic power pack maintenance

The hydraulic power pack is easily accessible for maintenance tasks.

On the HC Compact 10/25, the power pack can be easily removed from the side via guide rails.

On the HC Compact 50/100, side panels and the cover for the hydraulic power pack can be removed in a few simple steps. All relevant components are arranged in such a way that they can be easily accessed be service personnel.

Technical overview

HC Compact 10/25HC Compact 50/100
Compact testing system HC25 CompactCompact testing system HC100 Compact
Force levels
  • 10 kN
  • 25 kN
  • 50 kN
  • 100 kN
Power rating12 lpm30 lpm
Testing actuatorUpper crossheadLower crosshead
T-slotted platform
Temperature chamber-
High-temperature furnace-
Alignment fixture
Typical Applications
  • Components
  • Biomedicine
Comparison of compact testing systems

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Testing in an extended temperature range

The servohydraulic HC50/100 compact testing system is particularly suitable for use at elevated temperatures thanks to the testing actuator mounted in the lower crosshead. Tests in different temperature ranges are used to determine the effect of specific temperatures on material properties. For these tests, ZwickRoell offers various temperature chambers and high-temperature furnaces that guarantee the perfect solution for every application.

Temperature chambers are mainly used in low cycle fatigue tests (LCF tests) to investigate the effects of thermal stress on the fatigue behavior of materials. Testing temperatures up to 1,000 °C are not uncommon when it comes to LCF tests.

Since composites are often used in components that are subject to thermal stress, testing is also carried out in the elevated temperature range. For static and dynamic composites testing, the load frame also features a particularly stiff design and can be equipped with an optional alignment fixture. All relevant static test fixtures for composites can be integrated in the machine. This makes it the composites testing machine par excellence.

testXpert R – our software for dynamic testing

testXpert R is used with servohydraulic testing machines, vibrophores and electrodynamic testing machines. The testing software offers the right test programs for fatigue tests, fracture mechanics, low cycle fatigue (LCF). A graphical block editor is available for free test configurations, where up to 100 blocks can be parameterized.

Learn more about the testXpert R testing software

Other dynamic testing machines

Typical tests for servohydraulic compact systems

Low cycle fatigue (LCF) test
ISO 12106, ASTM E606
to Low cycle fatigue (LCF) test
High Cycle Fatigue Test / S-N Test
DIN 50100
to High Cycle Fatigue Test / S-N Test


Name Type Size Download
  • Product Information: HC Compact servohydraulic testing machine 10/25 kN PDF 307 KB
  • Product Information: HC Compact servohydraulic testing machine 50/100 kN PDF 354 KB
  • Product Information: HC series servohydraulic testing machine PDF 293 KB
  • Product Brochure: Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems PDF 5 MB

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