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The Deggendorf Institute of Technology Relies on an HC100 Compact Servohydraulic Testing Machine from ZwickRoell

At the Technology Campus Hutthurm, a branch location of the Deggendorf university, ZwickRoell had the opportunity to install and successfully commission one of the first HC100 Compact testing machines, back in March.

Testing polymer and composite materials

TC Hutthurm works on diverse research projects that involve simulation, especially in the areas of polymer and composite materials. In addition to morphological, rheological and thermal properties, the focus is on mechanical characteristic values such as material strength—for this purpose, the Kunststoffcampus Bayern (plastics campus in Bavaria) will also start taking advantage of the knowhow ZwickRoell provides: In March, one of the first HC100 Compact testing machines was successfully installed and the employees at the university were trained on how to work with and operate the machine.

Testing solution from ZwickRoell

The HC Compact series is a space-saving testing system with an integrated, low-noise hydraulic power pack. TC Hutthurm uses the machine to perform quasi-static and dynamic testing in different test modes such as fatigue tests on specimens and components. Tensile tests and creep tests on 3D printed standard specimens made of a wide variety of materials such as fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP & CRFP) are run within the scope of an ongoing research project. The resulting data serves as essential input for material models in simulations to represent real material behavior.

The integrated hydraulic power pack and compact design of the HC100 make it the perfect solution for the Technology Campus Hutthurm. The machine supplements the entire range of services at the Technology Campus Hutthurm in the field of materials testing, and helps us establish our campus as a regional research service provider for various SMEsThe wide force range up to 100 kN of this tensile testing machine allows us to test anything from standard plastics such a polyamide to carbon-fiber reinforced plastics., said Dr. Valentin Dalbauer.

Dr. Dalbauer was also very happy with the commissioning phase:“We were impressed with the machine installation and training processes on the hardware and software productsI would especially like to point out their willingness to help solve some last minute infrastructure challenges we encountered. Both ZwickRoell technicians were very engaged and demonstrated a high level of experience..”

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