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testXpert R

Testing software for dynamic applications

testXpert R is the right testing software for dynamic applications and fatigue tests. testXpert R is used on our machines with dynamic drive technologies, including our servohydraulic testing machines, resonance testing machines and electrodynamic testing machines. The testing software offers the right test programs for fracture mechanics, low cycle fatigue (LCF) and free test definitions.

testXpert R delivers reliable test results in dynamic testing labs.

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Test programs for testXpert R:
fracture mechanics K1C fracture mechanics da/dN low cycle fatigue

testXpert R for dynamic applications

Typical applications for the testXpert R materials testing software are fatigue tests and the determination of dynamic material characteristic values. For many applications, such as fracture mechanics, LCF, screw tests or biomechanics it includes standard test programs, but it also offers simple fatigue test programs and a graphical block editor for customized test definition.

testXpert R benefits

testXpert R benefits

Intuitive and workflow oriented
The system configuration builder
Intelligent wizard
Traceable test results
Secure data storage

Intuitive and workflow oriented

The testXpert R testing software uses an intuitive, ergonomic workflow to guide the user through every step of the test, from setup to export of the results.

The system configuration builder

The unique system configuration builder allows you to define reproducible test conditions and offers maximum safety for the user and testing system. All relevant testing system and safety settings are specified and stored in our freely definable system configuration builder. The saved system configuration verifies the connected sensors. The test can only be started when the parameters match the preset requirements.

Intelligent wizard

The wizard shows the user which test parameters must still be configured and automatically checks all entries for plausibility.

Traceable test results

The administrator defines what must be logged and for which activities and events the user must enter a reason.

The testXpert R testing software always knows: When does who do what, why and who is responsible?

Secure data storage

All test results and machine data are stored in testXpert Storage—a flexible, scalable, and future-proof database—to ensure protection against tampering.

The data is transferred live to testXpert Storage. Even in the event of a power failure, the maximum data lost is that of the last 30 seconds.

Sequencer for free test definition

The testXpert R Sequencer test program is a graphical block editor for intuitive design and performance of simple and complex test sequences. Up to 100 blocks can be parameterized. You can define set value functions from ramp, sine and triangle/trapezoid with freely selectable start directions.


Test program for fracture mechanics K1C

The fracture mechanics K1C test program is used to determine the critical stress intensity factor K1C according to ASTM E399 (also fracture toughness) K1C determination is normally performed on brittle materials.

A defined crack is first created in the specimen by pre-cracking it in accordance with ASTM E399. In the next step, the specimen is pulled until it breaks. After the test, the determined KQ value is set in relation to the specimen width, crack length and the offset yield of the material.


Test program for fracture mechanics da/dN

A special test program is available for testXpert R for the determination of crack growth in the range of low and constant crack growth rate according to ASTM E647. With this test program, both pre-cracking and the determination of the crack growth curve can be carried out.


Test program for low cycle fatigue (LCF)

The low cycle fatigue (LCF) test program is used for strain-controlled determination of the low cycle fatigue of metals in accordance with ASTM E606. The set value is generally a triangular waveform with constant amplitude. Sine signals are also possible.

For investigations of creep and relaxation processes additional hold-times and trapezoid set-values can be specified.


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