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ROSEN Group Selects ZwickRoell as a Supplier for Hydrogen Testing Laboratory

The ROSEN Group specializes in research, development, manufacturing and use of inspection tools for pipelines and other complex technical equipment. At their location in Lingen (Ems), Germany, the company is establishing their first dedicated hydrogen testing laboratory. It is part of the new, approximately 4000 m² test center building on the company’s test site.

New test center building

“In the energy landscape of tomorrow, environmentally friendly hydrogen will take on a leading role worldwide. We have the ability to connect expert knowledge with state-of-the-art inspection technology and a wide range of materials testing methods. The expansion of our test site moves us into a position to combine all of our test procedures at one location,” said Patrik Rosen, spokesperson for the owner family, at the opening of the test center building.

In the new test center building, all laboratory tests are consolidated at a central location: materials testing (now also in hydrogen atmosphere), sensor testing, endurance and wear resistance tests, test data evaluation, climate simulation, and pre- and post-processing of complex pipe installations.

Servohydraulic testing machine with compressed hydrogen tank

The ZwickRoell servohydraulic testing machine is used to perform fracture mechanics testing, static tensile tests and slow strain rate tests on CT specimens, threaded-end specimens and notched threaded-end specimens, among others. The testing system consists of a servohydraulic testing machine Fmax 100 kN with a compressed hydrogen tank up to 400 bar from ZwickRoell. The hydrogen pressure preparation is carried out with a hydrogen compressor. The testing machine is equipped with a 40 l/min hydraulic power pack.

“In addition to the quality of their consulting and the reference of a similar testing system at the MPA Stuttgart, we were particularly convinced by ZwickRoell as a complete solution provider. ZwickRoell is delivering the entire testing system including the compressed hydrogen tank. This offers the advantage that the pressure tank already meets the requirements of the materials test. Test relevant subjects such as alignment, force measurement and strain measurement are thereby also taken into account,” indicated Dr. Marion Erdelen-Peppler, Head of the Hydrogen Focus Group at ROSEN to support their reasons for choosing ZwickRoell. The hydrogen laboratory is scheduled to be completed in the course of this year.