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Fatigue Test on Bone Plates and Surgical Instruments

The KLS Martin Group is an international supplier of medical technology solutions for almost every surgical field. Based on their company philosophy “Surgical Innovation is Our Passion”, the group develops and distributes medical technology products such as implant systems, high frequency surgical devices, surgical laser systems, sterilization containers, operating lights and surgical instruments.

Remaining true to their claim, the company often sets new benchmarks in the industry. One example is with distractors, which enable guided bone growth for regeneration and healing of severe injuries and deformations. The ultrasonic procedure and resorbable implants eliminate the need for a second operation. Or with a holistic solution, which brings the virtual workflow to clinical reality and enables implant customization for patients. In the field of electrosurgery, KLS Martin has made a particular mark with their maXium® electrosurgical device, reusable systems for vascular sealing and the Limax® laser for metastasis surgery.

At their site in Mülheim and der Donau, research and development is focused on implants, patient-specific implants and resorbable implants in addition to surgical instruments, sterile supply and disposal systems, and operating lights. Engineers work with materials commonly used for medical technology solutions, such as titanium, instrument or implant steel, as well as resorbable and non-resorbable polymers and polymer compounds. Understanding the mechanical properties of the material used is essential in ensuring the quality and longevity of the products.

For this reason, the biomechanical laboratory, which is already equipped with several materials testing machines from ZwickRoell, added a type LTM 3 electrodynamic testing machine. In addition to static tests, this machine can also be used to determine the fatigue properties of bone plates via cyclic loads. The machine was equipped with a special four-point flexure test kit, which allows it to perform tests according to ASTM F382. Product-specific tests can be carried out with customized test arrangements, which the tester simply mounts onto the t-slotted platform, providing maximum flexibility!

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