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Determining Application-Specific Stress Limits with Ease

Material characteristic values of thermoplastics

A new method simplifies the materials testing process of thermoplastics. With the standard AllroundLine testing machine from ZwickRoell, these tests can be performed with ease and in a practical manner.

Improved reliability of material application limit results at a lower cost

The SKZ Center for Plastics (Kunststoff-Zentrum – SKZ) in Würzburg, Germany, developed a test method to determine the high cycle fatigue strength of thermoplastics with greater ease than ever before. This method allows personnel at the center to reach conclusions about the materials’ application limits with a higher level of reliability and cost efficiency than was possible with previous methods.

Practical tests with standard testing machine

In order to keep tests simple and therefore practical, they are designed so they can be carried out with a standard testing machine such as the AllroundLine from ZwickRoell. With this machine, application-related stress limits of these plastic materials can be determined more meaningfully and with significantly less effort than was previously possible. The test is performed by evaluating the strain amplitude in intermittent tensile tests.

Determination of stress limits at varying temperatures

Of particular importance for these tests is the AllroundLine’s temperature chamber. The chamber is used to generate temperatures between -80 and 360 °C allowing for determination of the material’s stress limits at precisely set temperatures – an indispensable function when it comes to thermoplastics.

AllroundLine and testXpert

The AllroundLine is available in different versions for test loads from 5 kN to 250 kN and with test-area heights from 1030 mm to 2560 mm. It is ideal for universal test applications such as tensile, compression, and flexure tests and can be obtained as either a floor-standing or table-top testing machine. With ZwickRoell’s testXpert testing software, test data can be transferred and directly evaluated.

More efficiency and reduced costs in the development and production process

The SKZ method in connection with the standard AllroundLine testing machine further eliminates the need for time-consuming, expensive long-term tests. Precise determination of stress limits helps manufacturers save on material and therefore costs, as it is no longer necessary to provide blanket collateral. In this way, the AllroundLine contributes to increased efficiency and reduced costs in the development and production process.

The SKZ Center for Plastics (Kunststoff-Zentrum – SKZ) works with the following products from ZwickRoell