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VAUDE: Increased Sustainability by Testing with RetroLine from ZwickRoell

Why buy a new machine or instrument, when you can buy pre-owned with technical upgrades, while at the same time saving valuable resources? This was the approach taken by decision makers at VAUDE before purchasing a ZwickRoell RetroLine materials testing machine. Fabric and textile specimens from the outdoor specialist are put to the test in the RetroLine and pushed to their stress limits. The machine not only supports VAUDE with their materials testing tasks, but also with their sustainability strategy.

VAUDE and ZwickRoell

Two companies, one common goal: increase sustainability efforts to reduce the carbon footprint across supply chains and production methods. Since 2009, the outdoor specialist for mountain sports and biking adventures from Tettnang in the Lake Constance district of Germany, has been pursuing a highly regarded, holistic sustainability strategy. VAUDE determines emissions produced by mobility, materials, manufacturing processes and shipping around the world and at their site in Germany, and systematically reduces them.

Since 2022, VAUDE has been climate neutral in terms of production worldwide , and since 2012 at their location in Tettnang. The family-owned company is committed to high environmental and social standards throughout its global supply chain and publishes an externally certified sustainability report in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard every year. Since 2001, VAUDE has been working with strict environmental standard bluesign system, which controls the entire textile value chain. The challenge at VAUDE: according to the sustainable Green Shape product philosophy, VAUDE is continually implementing more sustainable materials, which must also meet the high functional requirements of outdoor products. These materials are therefore thoroughly tested in the VAUDE test center.

VAUDE: meeting the highest level of quality and sustainability requirements

The decision to move forward with a pre-owned, yet fully refurbished testing machine perfectly supports VAUDE's sustainability model. At the same time, the RetroLine testing machine from ZwickRoell contributes to more climate neutrality and sustainability, as Bettina Roth, Head of Quality Management explains: “ To meet the high functional requirements of our products, we test every innovative and sustainable material we use according to the highest quality standards. For us there was no question, that our high quality and sustainability requirements must also be met in the testing lab with absolute accuracy of test results. The fact that we are able to achieve this with a modernized machine, which also supports us in saving resources and in our sustainability strategy, is even more gratifying.”

VAUDE uses the RetroLine materials testing machine to test textile fabrics such as pants, jackets and tents in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 13937-2 standard to determine material tear force using the trouser-shaped test. During the test, the textile specimen in the form of trouser-shaped legs is torn to determine the average force and literally bring it to its stress limit.

RetroLine: fully equivalent to a new machine in terms of equipment and performance

The implementation of a RetroLine machine is not only worthwhile from a financial perspective, which on average, is up to 30 percent more cost-effective. You also save—depending size and machine model—up to 4.3 tons of CO2 when compared to a new machine. With a RetroLine like the one used by VAUDE, they are saving 2 tons of CO2.

With the RetroLine, ZwickRoell offers a line of modernized machines that meet the latest testing standards and is fully up-to-date in terms of software. The testing machine manufacturer also guarantees perfect functionality with the latest testing technology with every modernized machine and instrument, which makes them almost as good as a new machine.

By using the current testControl II test electronics and the latest version of the testXpert III testing software, modularity and flexibility are also ensured for the future, therefore further contributing to resource-saving test processes. VAUDE is excited about the “renew and modernize” concept and fully satisfied with the machine, its testing accuracy, and the reliable results to ultimately ensure customer satisfaction with quality that is attained in a sustainable manner. Roth: “For us, as a sustainability-focused company, moving forward a modernized RetroLine machine was the right decision. I provides the perfect link between quality and sustainability.