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Iron & Steel Group in South China equipped its factories with ZwickRoell fully automated robotic testing systems

Liuzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd is one of the largest steel companies in South China, Southwest China and even the Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation and ranks among the top 500 companies in China. The company actively promotes intelligent manufacturing and produces high value-added and green steel products. Many of these have obtained the "Golden Cup", an international quality certificate issued by China’s Iron & Steel Association for the physical quality of metallurgical products.

ZwickRoell is proud to have the first reference for robotic testing system for fully automated tensile tests on metals in South China. The whole project consists of 3 robotic testing systems for Liuzhou Iron & Steel.

Installation during the Covid pandemic

The installation and commissioning of this project was due during the raging Covid-19 pandemic, which made it impossible for the senior engineers from ZwickRoell headquarters in Germany to fly over to China. Faced with this unexpected situation, our partner in South China, Team Testing Equipment (TTE), immediately mobilized 4 of their most experienced engineers to set up an after-sales installation team.

200 days & nights at the customer site

Andrew Wang, Andrew Tan, Liu and Leo work in service for more than 15 years but had no prior experience in installation of fully automatic systems. This fact didn’t scare them and without any hesitation they started studying the materials and references and preparing themselves. This task required smart allocation of tasks between the four engineers, great amount of concentration and complete dedication as the installation and commissioning of the 3 robotic testing systems took over 200 days and nights at the customer site.

Remote support from Germany

No matter the stress level during these challenging months, the engineers never gave up. They tried and tested, improved, consulted each other and finally with the remote help and guidance provided by the German headquarters ultimately ensured a smooth implementation of the project!

We are honored to have worked with such talented team. The installation, commissioning, and training of the equipment were completed with high efficiency and proficiency.

Mr. Yunan, Li
Laboratoty Chief at Guangxi Iron & Steel

From 0 to 8 fully automated robotic testing systems during the pandemic

The efforts on both sides proved that ZwickRoell & TTE are a strong team with no fear and with high trust & spirit. This didn’t go unnoticed, and the team scored following orders from Shaoshan Iron & Steel, the headquarters Guangxi Iron & Steel and from Guangzhou JFE Steel Sheet Company for altogether 4 fully automated robotic testing systems. A truly success story for all participating sides, our customer who support our products, trust our engineers and all our colleagues who provide professional support and are eager to learn and develop.

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