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Superimposed Tensile-Torsion Tests and Compression-Torsion Tests on Fiber Reinforced Composites

The Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency (Kcarbon) is a research institute in Korea and a leader in the development of technologies for the carbon industry.

The institute spends a lot of time and effort on research and development of new carbon composite materials, supporting the continuous improvement of products. As a result of these product improvements, material savings, weight optimization or higher material load capacities can be achieved.

There are no required test procedures specified for the institute’s research. Kcarbon is constantly developing new fiber composites, from which new standards are subsequently created for domestic and international markets.

Testing with ZwickRoell

Our materials testing machine with torsion drive (torsion tester) can be used to perform standard tensile and compression tests up to 250 kN. Torsion tests up to 2,000 Nm can also be performed. A special feature of the machine is the ability to perform a superimposed tensile-torsion or compression-torsion test. The material to be tested can be loaded up to 250 kN, while at the same time being twisted with a torsional moment of 2,000 Nm. An additional benefit is that with a specially developed specimen grip, even tube composites can be tested.

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