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Fundacion Tekniker Tests Nanomechanical Properties of Coatings Using the ZwickRoell ZHN Nanoindenter

Fundacion Tekniker is a technology center for advanced manufacturing, surface engineering and the development of information and communication technology. In order to precisely measure the mechanical properties of their portfolio of coatings, Tekniker acquired ZwickRoell's state-of-the-art ZHN Nanoindenter.

Thin layers and functional surfaces

Current technological advances are increasingly using thin layers and functional surfaces. Whenever thin films of this kind are developed, it becomes necessary to characterize their mechanical properties (hardness or elasticity) at a nano level.


Wide range of applications

Such are the coatings that Tekniker is developing for a large number of sectors and applications, including hard coatings for tools, low friction coatings for automotive and aerospace components, protective coatings for glass, sensoric coatings, MEMS, catalysis, etc.

High accuracy hardness and elasticity moduli and scratch tests

It is in this context that Tekniker has acquired the universal ZwickRoell ZHN nanomechanical testing system that allows you determine the hardness and elasticity modules of materials and coatings with a high degree of accuracy. It is a very robust piece of equipment that applies an extensive range of loads (0.05 mN- 2N) and runs static and dynamic tests. It also allows scratch tests to evaluate the degree of coating adherence.

Nanomechanical characterization of different surfaces

Consequently, the ZHN Nanoindenter allows you to characterize very diverse coatings nanomechanically, ranging from polymeric or biological coatings to hard surface finishes (ceramic and diamond or Diamond Like Carbon -DLC-).

On-site commissioning and training

Dr. Thomas Chudoba, developer of the ZHN, has provided on-site assistance and training for Tekniker researchers on how to commission and operate the equipment. Dr. Chudoba is an international reference in the area of indentation and characterization of the mechanical properties of surfaces and coatings. In 2003, Dr. Chudoba founded ASMEC (Advanced Surface Mechanics GmbH), a company that develops advanced instruments and mechanical characterization methods as well as software to optimize surfaces and coatings.

The ZHN Nanoindenter has been bought thanks to funding provided the project Centros Tecnológicos de Excelencia Cervera, within the framework of the Surfera Network of Excellence (advanced materials).

Fundacion Tekniker works with hardness testing machines from ZwickRoell