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For Quality Control, DYNAFIT Relies on Testing Technology from ZwickRoell

DYNAFIT is a leading supplier of ski touring equipment Their portfolio includes skis, bindings and ski boots among other apparel and accessories. For the touring bindings and boots, the company offers their customers a lifetime product warranty. In order to maintain their quality commitment, DYNAFIT not only relies on high-quality materials and components, but also on testing technology from ZwickRoell.

Throughout their lifetime, DYNAFIT products are subjected to diverse extreme load conditions. In the company’s laboratory in Aschheim in the district of Munich, Germany, these types of loads are simulated through the use of different testing machines within the framework of product development and quality control. On the one hand, the products must be able to withstand predefined test forces, and in addition, new materials and component combinations are tested for their durability.

An electro-mechanical testing actuator is used to simulate the movement during ascent when touring, whereby a defined force and stroke are applied to the ski, binding and boot combination. Different test cycles and load application models are used, and the tests are performed up to a predefined number of cycles or until a component fails. The testing actuator (Fmax 10 kN) can be positioned at different angles, and the T-slotted platform also allows for gripping of other components.

DYNAFIT products are made of a variety of materials. In addition to various metals, diverse plastics and composite materials are also used. To evaluate the material properties, DYNAFIT also uses a ZwickRoell DuraJet series hardness tester for Rockwell tests. This testing instrument is conveniently controlled via touch display.

For additional mechanical tests, including tensile, compression or flexure tests on materials and components, the DYNAFIT laboratory team has access to a universal testing machine with Fmax 50 kN.

Image source: DYNAFIT Oberalp