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Customizations, Special Systems & Automation

From special accessories to special testing systems with test point preparation for hardness testing.
Special feature
  • Special accessories
  • Automated hardness testing solution
  • Special testing system with specimen preparation
  • Hardness testing module

Overview of our solutions

From special accessories to our standard hardness testers, to automated hardness testing systems and special testing systems with point preparation. We provide our customers the right hardness testing solution.

  1. Customizations - for customer-specific test anvils, specimen grips, nose cones and mounting fixtures
  2. Special systems - testing systems designed in accordance with customer-specific requirements
  3. Automation - testing systems to relieve highly qualified laboratory personnel

1. Customizing

Our customers are often faced with the challenge of testing a variety of components in accordance with the standards. To meet these individual requirements, we offer customized solutions ranging from test anvils and specimen grips to nose cones and mounting fixtures and adapt our series devices to your needs. Our goal is to work with you to develop optimal special accessories that are precisely tailored to your testing requirements.

For example, we offer remote control options for our standard instruments to enable you to operate them efficiently and safely from a distance. This option allows you to conveniently control the hardness testing machine from any location, whereby compliance with the highest safety standards is a matter of course for us. Our solutions comply with the legal requirements of the respective location of implementation. In addition, we have developed signaling devices that enable remote monitoring of the machine status—an advanced feature that we have successfully implemented for our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a individualized consultation. Our goal is to work with you to find a solution that is perfectly tailored to your test requirements and allows you to test your components efficiently and in compliance with applicable standards.

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Implemented customized solutions

Implemented customized solutions

Remote control of a hardness tester

Remote control of a hardness tester

Among other things, we offer external operating options for our series instruments so that the hardness testing machine can be controlled remotely. It goes without saying that security is our top priority, which is why our solutions comply with local legal requirements. We have also successfully implemented a signaling device for our customers to detect the status of the hardness testing machine from a distance.

2. Specialized systems

If the standard accessories are no longer sufficient, we at EMCO-TEST go one step further and develop customized special machines in collaboration with our customers. Whether it is a testing machine with special test preparation, machines with a large throat depth or a customized Durapro module for a portal system—our objective is to precisely meet the individual requirements and specific testing needs of our customers. Through comprehensive knowhow and close collaboration, we create solutions that go beyond conventional customizations to reach a perfectly tailored system for your testing needs.

With many years of expertise in hardness testing, we at EMCO-TEST can provide you with an in-depth consultation. We are with you through the entire development process, from initial conceptualization to implementation. Our consulting services extend beyond technical aspects and include the analysis of upstream and downstream processes such as specimen preparation and data management, risk analyses, a detailed safety concept and ROI calculation as early as the quotation phase. By visualizing the planned system in advance, we provide you with deep insight into its functionality and performance, support you in your investment decision and develop a solution tailored to your needs.

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Implemented special systems

Implemented special systems

Testing system with test point preparation
Hardness tester with XXL cross slide

Testing system with test point preparation

Our specialized hardness testing system is designed for demanding Brinell tests, with a focus on the automated preparation of the test points. It is operated by a Siemens S7 controller and the ecos Workflow software, whereby test sequences and test point evaluations are fully automated. An integrated milling device prepares the specimen surface precisely, and adaptations such as a hydraulic die can be implemented. We invite you to discuss your specific requirements with us in order to find the optimum solution for your testing needs.

Hardness tester with XXL cross slide

For hardness testing of large components, we developed a customized solution for a customer by equipping a DuraVision device with a 2,000 mm XXL cross slide, which enables the placement of several test points. To ensure employee safety, we integrated a radar system to monitor the security area. In addition, a laser facilitates precise positioning of the specimens on the specialized system, which makes the testing process more efficient and reliable.

3. Automated testing systems

Automated testing systems have become indispensable in modern testing laboratories in order to meet the high demands placed on performing materials tests. They assume the specimen handling task and carry out repeatable and reproducible tests according to standard requirements. Our automated hardness testing approach is especially useful for high throughput rates. Highly qualified laboratory staff are relieved of routine activities, making them available for more demanding tasks. (High reliability due to reduction of operator influence).

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Worldwide service support

With our service partners available worldwide, we guarantee preventive and regular maintenance and inspection and thus proper functioning of the system.
By using remote maintenance, we can react at short notice in case of faults/malfunctions and provide fast support.
A proven spare parts concept with long spare parts availability secures your investment long term.

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