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ZwickRoell 3105 combi test

Hardness testers to Shore / IRHD Download
Test methods
  • Shore A, B, C, D, …
  • IRHD micro / N / H …
  • Stationary
  • ISO 48
  • ISO 868
  • ASTM D2240
  • ASTM D1415
  • NFT 51 123
  • NF 46 003

Combined IRHD / Shore hardness tester

The ZwickRoell 3105 combi test is a microcomputer-controlled hardness tester with very high measurement accuracy in multiple IRHD (plus IRHD ss supersoft) and Shore measurement ranges.

Applications and advantages

Advantages and features


The ZwickRoell 3105 combi test is a microcomputer-controlled hardness tester for the following measurement ranges:

  • IRHD-M (micro)
  • IRHD-N (normal)
  • IRHD-H
  • IRHD-L (soft)
  • VLRH (IRHD supersoft)
  • Shore A/B/0
  • Shore D/C/D0
  • Shore 00/000
  • Micro Shore

It is compliant according to: ISO 48-4, ISO 7619-1 (withdrawn), ISO 868, ASTM D2240, ASTM D1415, NFT 51 123, NF 46 003.

Advantages and features

  • Quick and high measurement accuracy without operator influences via automatic measurement procedures
  • Reliable measurements on shaped parts with concave or convex surfaces, e.g. hardness tests on prefabricated parts
  • Modular construction with automatic identification of the measurement system and the adjustment of the measurement distance
  • Intuitive display with easy operation
  • Wide range of accessories, e.g. for quick centering of O-rings and hoses


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