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Environmental protection and sustainability

Sustainable company management is important to the ZwickRoell Group. We are holistically responsible for our products and processes. We operate our company sustainably for the future of our planet and our children. We believe that: Sustainable action yields returns for our future and must be in harmony with business success, protection of the environment and social responsibility.

We are a CO2-neutral company

  • In 2014, ZwickRoell became the first manufacturer of materials testing machines to determine our greenhouse gas emissions generated at our main site in Ulm and voluntarily offset them by purchasing carbon offset certificates. Future plans include a further expansion of this ecological commitment.
  • Together with turn to zero, a brand of illwerke vkw AG, ZwickRoell prepares a comprehensive annual greenhouse gas balance sheet (corporate carbon footprint) for the site in Ulm. This includes the GHG emissions caused by the energy sources used (fuels, electricity), business trips, employee travel, waste generated and various purchases (raw and packaging materials, IT equipment, paper, etc.) This means that ZwickRoell knows the drivers of its greenhouse gas-intensive corporate processes and departments on the one hand and, on the other, we are aware of significant reduction potentials in order to avoid or minimize future greenhouse gas emissions in a targeted manner.

    GHG emissions are continuously reduced through the consistent implementation of reduction measures, e.g., through our own generation plants on the ZwickRoell site or the purchase of 100% green electricity.

    We will continue to invest in photovoltaic power generation, thereby expanding our contribution to renewable energy.

    Unavoidable GHG emissions are also voluntarily offset by supporting high-quality international climate protection projects, such as projects for efficient stoves to avoid the use of firewood in Madagascar and Kenya or reforestation in Nicaragua.
    These projects also support a large number of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ZwickRoell sustainability report

The ZwickRoell Group publishes a sustainability report to inform our company's stakeholders about the advancements we have made for our customers, our products, our sustainable enterprise management and environmental protection activities, and our contribution to the well being of our employees and our community.

Name Type Size Download
  • 2021 sustainability report of the ZwickRoell Group PDF 1 MB
  • CO2 compensation PDF 376 KB
  • Certificate for social-ecological commitment PDF 3 MB
  • Code of Conduct PDF 13 MB
  • GLS KlimaProtect PDF 120 KB