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ZHR Touch Screen

Rockwell hardness tester
Test methods
  • Rockwell
  • Superficial Rockwell
Test load
  • 10- 150 kgf
  • 3-45 kgf
  • ISO 6508
  • ASTM E18

Touch screen ZHR Rockwell testing instrument

The new touch screen Rockwell hardness testing instrument from ZwickRoell Indentec. Available in two models:

  • ZHR4150 Rockwell hardness testing instrument
  • ZHR8150 Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell hardness testing instrument

Building on the long-lasting quality and success of the previous ZHR series, with a brand new touch screen display to make Rockwell hardness testing even easier and more reliable. Like all ZwickRoell Rockwell hardness testers, these instruments support fast, accurate and efficient hardness testing for a wide range of applications and industries.

This testing instrument offers a variety of features that facilitate and optimize your test processes. With automatic test sequences and results calculation, the user influence on the test result is minimized. The test area is large and allows you to test a wide variety of test pieces in different sizes. We also offer versions with a higher test area for different specimen geometries. The instrument is compatible with an extensive selection of test anvils, clamping fixtures and supports that further expand the application range. In addition, we offer customized test anvils and other accessories for different and unique applications. Overall, this testing instrument is extremely versatile and provides a variety of options to optimize you testing processes.

This instrument has a frictionless mechanism operated by dead weights, which supports precise and repeatable application of the test force.

Comparison of different versions

ZHR Touch comparison
ZHR4150 ZHR8150
Indenters Indenter with exposed fixture for accurate determination of the indentation position and measurement of hard-to-reach test points
  • 7 inch color touch screen display with high resolution.
  • Basic user interface (upgrade option to expanded
    user interface with dead weight option)
  • 7 inch color touch screen display with high resolution.
  • Expanded user interface
Interfaces USB ports for output to a PC (e.g., with testXpert) or USB memory stick
  • Results history (up to 20 previous results)
  • Results history
  • Management of multiple specimens
  • Averaging and variance
  • Standard deviation
  • Results histogram
Test sequence features
  • Automatic test cycle
  • Adjustable hold times
  • Automatic test cycle
  • Adjustable hold times
  • Go/No-Go evaluation
  • Integrated hardness conversion
  • Automatic curvature correction
Factory options
  • Expanded test height
  • Dead weight system
  • Expanded user interface (with dead weight option)
  • Expanded test height
  • Automatic load changes
  • Motorized lead screw
  • Robot cell interface (future)
  • Flexible holding-down fixture (future)
  • Jominy (future)


ZHR touch screen technical data

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