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ZwickRoell Quality and Reliability

At ZwickRoell quality means understanding our customer's requirements. We demonstrate this by manufacturing flexible and well-designed machines, by helping our customers achieve reliable test results, and by offering the "Made in Germany" quality standard. Certificates and accreditations reinforce our commitment to quality.

Reliable test results Certified quality Certificates from our worldwide calibration labs Made by ZwickRoell

ZwickRoell stands for reliable test results

To keep up with fast-paced technological advances, developers and engineers are continuously trying to push the boundaries of physics to develop new and improved materials. At the same time, globalization is leading to international supply chains and spatial separation of research and production sites. Consequently, it is imperative for quality assurance and R&D departments that test results be accurate, repeatable, reproducible and traceable – in one word, they have to be reliable.

Reliable test results are a fundamental and hot topic in materials testing. With each materials and components test we ask the same questions:

  • Is the value obtained truly accurate?
  • Are the results repeatable?
  • Are these results comparable to other measurements?
  • Is it possible to determine who, when, how, and what happened?
  • And finally, does the measuring equipment meet the required standards and specifications?

ZwickRoell and our machine and software solutions stand for accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility, as well as seamless result traceability of determined results.

Certified Quality

Increasing quality awareness has led to greater demands being placed on the accuracy and reproducibility of measuring equipment. ZwickRoell operates a calibration laboratory with DAkkS accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, allowing us to calibrate testing machines and systems at the installation site in accordance with the relevant standards and issue calibration certificates which are recognized worldwide. 

Introduced in 1993, the quality management system to ISO 9001 evolved into an integrated quality and environmental management system, enabling us to take a holistic approach to quality, environmental protection, and health and safety requirements. 

Because of this, ZwickRoell in Ulm is certified to ISO 14001 and qualified in accordance with the Security Safety Management (SeSaM) system. 

Information on the TÜV SÜD certification mark ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 can be found here.

Certified Quality – ZwickRoell Ulm / Germany

Name Type Size Download
  • ISO 9001 – corporate certification for the quality management system PDF 165 KB
  • ISO 14001 – corporate certification for the environmental management system PDF 165 KB
  • SeSam – Certificate for Security Safety Management from VGB PowerTech e.V. (association of power supply companies) PDF 374 KB
  • Climate-neutral company location PDF 376 KB
  • Social-ecological impact with IT hardware PDF 3 MB

You can download all of our accreditation certificates and scope of accreditation of our worldwide calibration laboratories here:

Name Type Size Download
  • A2LA accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 497 KB
  • COFRAC accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 384 KB
  • COFRAC accreditation - Centre de Verification de Metz PDF 54 KB
  • DAkkS multi-location accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 369 KB
  • DAkkS accreditation - Latzke Hardness Testing PDF 715 KB
  • Cgcre accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 591 KB
  • NABL accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 196 KB
  • PCA accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 900 KB
  • PJLA accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 323 KB
  • TÜRKAK accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 134 KB
  • UKAS accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 1 MB

Engineering solutions “Made by ZwickRoell”

  • Our "Made by ZwickRoell” quality standard is based on the Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 by TÜV.
  • Take advantage of our services.
  • The patented ZwickRoell technology of the load frame profiles and drives ensures high-precision test results and unparalleled ease of use.
  • Development of the testControl II measurement and control electronics is based on experience gained from more than 12,400 installations of testControl systems.
  • testXpert III and testXpert Research testing software ensure safe and efficient operation of the materials testing machine and provides the optimum solution for any testing requirement.

Perfectly coordinated development, production, and sales procedures guarantee short delivery times. Machines can be modified to suit individual requirements whenever necessary. You get from us what you need - not what we have.

Safety for the entire testing system

Engineering solutions “Made by ZwickRoell”
Integrated Safety in Accordance with the EC Machinery Directive
Safety for the complete testing system
Ready for the Next Generation
User Safety
Data Security
Specimen Safety
System Safety
System monitoring

Engineering solutions “Made by ZwickRoell”

The development and manufacture of materials testing machines, including all mechanical, electronic and software components, together with our comprehensive range of accessories, takes place at ZwickRoell's production facility in Germany,enabling us to create a product that is perfectly harmonized.

Integrated Safety in Accordance with the EC Machinery Directive

The highest degree of safety for user and testing system is guaranteed. All EC Machinery Directive safety requirements are guaranteed. Compliance is documented with an EC Declaration of Conformity. State-of-the-art safety technology and proven industrial components that comply with the highest safety and industrial standards (IEC 60947) are used.

Safety for the complete testing system

The highest level of safety is achieved with a two-channel safety circuit,Relevant accessories are also tied into the safety circuit. The CE-compliant safety device with electrical interlocking and mechanical guard locking prevents interference with the machine during the test.

Ready for the Next Generation

Modular design means that the testing system can be reequipped or upgraded whenever required. Moreover, testControl II machine electronics are compatible with future-generation ZwickRoell software. Even after a product has been discontinued, spare parts remain available for a minimum of 10 years.

User Safety

Intelligent safety functions, industrial safety technology, selectable operating modes and compliance with the new EC Machinery Directive all come together to ensure maximum safety for the user.

Data Security

ZwickRoell's testing software guarantees maximum security for user data and test results. Tamper-proof test results are ensured through, among other things, the following testing software functions:

  • Comprehensive user management feature, which can reduce user input options to a minimum;
  • Traceability of all test- and system-relevant data;
  • Precise repeatable test conditions with the system configuration builder;
  • Targeted test configuration through the intelligent wizard.

Specimen Safety

Active sensor monitoring, force limitation during setup mode plus intelligent force increase detection and force zero control in ZwickRoell’s testing software safeguard the specimen against unacceptable overloads.

System Safety

The intelligent sensor identification system in combination with the system configuration builder prevent damage to the testing system if limit values are exceeded. In addition, the new system monitor enables total supervision of key system status indications and offers preventive advice.

System monitoring

testControl II system monitoring provides the user/laboratory manager with detailed information on the current status and level of utilization of the testing equipment. This enables further increases in testing equipment availability and greatly simplifies maintenance planning and spares/replacement procurement.

Innovation Through Research

Since 2014, the Stiftverbund (German Sponsors Association) has recognized research companies for the responsibility they assume for their country and society with the seal "Innovation through Research."

The Stiftverbund is one of the largest private research funders in Germany. In addition to its commitment to the next generation of academics, excellent institutes of higher education and advanced research, it also responsible for examining and evaluating German research and innovation systems. How much does the economy invest in research and development in Germany? What impact does this have on the future of this country? These questions are the focus of the R&D survey which takes place annually on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Ergonomic Operating Philosophy

Ergonomic operating concept
Full Support with testXpert III
Ergonomic Remote Control with Color Display
System Configuration Builder

Ergonomic operating concept

Ergonomics are top priority when it comes to operating ZwickRoell materials testing machines. ZwickRoell materials testing machines can be adjusted for optimum ergonomic configuration; modular design allows adaptation as and when required.

  • The zwickiLine can be operated in vertical or horizontal orientation as required and can be swiveled 180° in horizontal mode.
  • With the AllroundLine materials testing machines, the working height can additionally be adjusted via leveling feet to suit individual requirements. These features also allow wheelchair-friendly operation of ZwickRoell materials testing machines.
  • The cLine provides accessibility from all three sides.

Full Support with testXpert III

Our leading testing software testXpert III provides support for the user during setup, performance, evaluation, and documentation of the test. Functions such as automatic sensor identification or the intelligent tutorial and wizard concept simplify testing. Experience gained from more than 40,000 successful installations speaks for itself.

Ergonomic Remote Control with Color Display

Tests can be performed entirely via the display remote control, independently of the PC. All important information is shown on the color display. Machine operation is therefore more ergonomic and effective. The highest level of safety for the operator is ensured with an integrated emergency stop. The rocker-switch with integrated dial makes positioning fast yet highly accurate.

System Configuration Builder

All relevant machine and safety settings, such as fixture separations or sensor configurations, undergo direct, one-time assignment to the test programs as test environments.