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Biaxial Testing Machine for Biomaterials

  • Medical
Test load
  • 50 N - 200 N
Type of test
  • Uniaxial
  • Biaxial
Special feature
  • Characterization of soft tissues in temperature-regulated fluid mediums through optical strain measurement

Testing of natural and artificial elastic tissues

The biaxial testing machine was developed for mechanical testing of natural and artificial elastic tissues. The integrated, height-adjustable liquid basin enables uniaxial and biaxial testing in tempered liquid mediums.

  • Four linear drives, controlled independently of each other in terms of position, force, or strain
  • Measurement of extension using a laserXtens and videoXtens extensometer
  • Liquid basin for optimal temperature conditioning of the medium
  • Various specimen grips for safe specimen gripping

Strain control is essential for biaxial testing

Strain control including centering of the specimen in biaxial tests is essential for achieving reliable and reproducible test results.

Features at a glance:

  • The center of the specimen remains in the original position throughout the entire test
  • Symmetrical elongation of the specimen (in both axes) to the center of the specimen
  • No specimen distortion

Read more about applications for biaxial testing

Learn more about the easy performance of the test, secure specimen gripping and precise optical strain measurement on artificial tissues in a temperature conditioned liquid basin.

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

Optical strain measurement
Linear drive
Specimen grips
Liquid basin

Optical strain measurement

  • Use of the non-contact laserXtens with videoXtens add-on allows for biaxial strain measurement with just one extensometer
  • The laserXtens does not require specimen marking
  • Specimen marking is required with the videoXtens add-on, if the specimen does have a naturally occurring pattern with sufficient contrast
  • Optional strain control including mid-point control via four independent linear drives (dependent on the material), only in combination with 2D dot matrix of the videoXtens add-on

Linear drive

The biaxial testing machine incorporates four high-resolution linear drives, which can be controlled completely independent of each other via position, force or strain.

Specimen grips

The following load application options are available:

  • Free-moving hooks attached to thin yarn and linked for flexibility
  • Parallel-closing clamps with pin-plates
  • Parallel-closing clamps with pyramid jaws

Liquid basin

  • The liquid basin can be lowered for easy specimen gripping
  • The liquid basin can be easily raised for testing
  • Use of transparent plastic breakwater for improved signal quality in air, thereby ensuring that the transition from gaseous to liquid medium is free from optical interference

Technical Overview

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