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Universal Rockwell hardness tester Download
Test methods
  • Rockwell
  • Superficial Rockwell
  • Ball indentation
Test load
  • 0.5 - 250 kg
  • ISO 6508
  • ASTM E18
  • ISO 2039
  • ASTM D785

The master of depth

Achieve reliable test results with the ZHR8150CLK hardness tester - for more than 30 different depth-measurement applications, including Rockwell for metals and ball indentation hardness for plastics.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features



The ZHR8150CLK hardness tester is suitable for the following methods:

  • Rockwell for metals
    To ISO 6508 and ASTM E18
  • Rockwell for plastics
    To HRα (Alpha), ISO 2039-1 and 2039-2, ASTM D785 (A & B)
  • Rockwell for carbonaceous materials
    To DIN 51917
  • Rockwell HR2.5
  • Brinell (depth measurement method) HBT
  • Brinell
    To ISO 6506, ASTM E10
    (Indentation only; measurement requires an additional microscope)
  • Vickers (depth measurement method) HVT
  • Elastic and laminate floor coverings
    To ISO 24343, ASTM F1913, F1303


  • ZHR8150CLK hardness tester offers you reliable test results for more than 30 different applications of depth measurement methods, for example, Rockwell and ball indentation.
  • Closed-loop control load application enables hardness tests in a wide range of applications with only one instrument.
  • Nose-mounted indenter allows hardness testing in difficult-to-access measuring points.
  • Automatic test sequence and automatic conversion in alternative hardness scales save time and guarantee a high level of repeatability.
  • Its robust design with play-free, ball bearing lead screw and ease of operation provides optimal operation for use in production.
  • Export your test results via USB to testXpert and take advantage of intelligent report creation.


Data calculationAverage value (display)
Good/poor evaluation (display and output)
Automatic display of selected hardness test method
Automatic conversion (Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Knoop, tensile strength)

Automatic curve correction (Ø = 3 to 20 mm)

Automatic load cycle

Adjustable hold time (1 to 999 s)

USB connection

Technical overview

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