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Tests on Paper

ZwickRoell solutions for testing of special paper, graphic paper and printing paper, and tests on paper composites.

Short-span compressive strength S-test

DIN 5014
Determination of the short-span compressive strength on corrugating medium to DIN 5014
to Short-span compressive strength S-test

2-Point Flexure Tests

ISO 2493-1, DIN 53121, ISO 5628, DIN 55437-3
Determines the bending stiffness to ISO 2493-1, DIN 53121 and ISO 5628, together with the technical quality of creasings to DIN 55437-3
to 2-Point Flexure Tests

Internal bond test

TAPPI T 541 ISO 15754
Determining the internal bond strength between the layers to TAPPI T 541 or ISO 15754
to Internal bond test

Measuring the Coefficient of Friction

Static and Dynamic Friction to TAPPI T 549
to Measuring the Coefficient of Friction

Zero-Span Tensile Test

Fiber Strength of Paper to TAPPI T 231
to Zero-Span Tensile Test

Short-Span Compression Test SCT Test

to ISO 9895, EN 54518 or TAPPI T 826 - compressive strength of paper
to Short-Span Compression Test SCT Test

Ring Crush Test RCT Test

Determining the ring crush resistance of a paper strip formed into a ring (ISO 12192 or TAPPI T 822)
to Ring Crush Test RCT Test

Corrugating Medium Test (CMT)

Behavior of the corrugating medium following forming in the fluter (DIN EN ISO 7263, TAPPI T 809)
to Corrugating Medium Test (CMT)

Burst Test

ISO 2758
Determining the bursting strength to standards ISO 2758 and ISO 2459
to Burst Test

Dry Tensile Test

to DIN EN ISO 1924-2 or TAPPI T 494 - determining tear strength and tear length
to Dry Tensile Test

Wet Tensile Test

ISO 3781, TAPPI T 456
Strength of the paper (or tissue) in a wet state to ISO 3781, TAPPI T 456
to Wet Tensile Test
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