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Tests on Paper

ZwickRoell solutions for testing of special paper, graphic paper and printing paper, and tests on paper composites.

Short-span compressive strength S-test

DIN 5014
Determination of the short-span compressive strength on corrugating medium to DIN 5014
to Short-span compressive strength S-test

2-Point Flexure Tests

ISO 2493-1, DIN 53121, ISO 5628, DIN 55437-3, DIN 19304
Determines the bending stiffness of paper and cardboard to ISO 2493-1, DIN 53121, ISO 5628, and DIN 19304, together with the technical quality of creasings to DIN 55437-3
to 2-Point Flexure Tests

Internal bond test

TAPPI T 541 ISO 15754
Determining the internal bond strength between the layers to TAPPI T 541 or ISO 15754
to Internal bond test

Measuring the Coefficient of Friction

Static and Dynamic Friction to TAPPI T 549
to Measuring the Coefficient of Friction

Zero-Span Tensile Test

Fiber Strength of Paper to TAPPI T 231
to Zero-Span Tensile Test

Short-Span Compression Test SCT Test

to ISO 9895, EN 54518 or TAPPI T 826 - compressive strength of paper
to Short-Span Compression Test SCT Test

Ring Crush Test RCT Test

Determining the ring crush resistance of a paper strip formed into a ring (ISO 12192 or TAPPI T 822)
to Ring Crush Test RCT Test

Corrugating Medium Test (CMT)

Behavior of the corrugating medium following forming in the fluter (DIN EN ISO 7263, TAPPI T 809)
to Corrugating Medium Test (CMT)


ISO 535, DIN EN 20535 und TAPPI T 441
The Cobb test is carried out on paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard and tested according to ISO 535, EN 20535, TAPPI T 441.
to Cobb-Test

Burst Test

ISO 2758
Determining the bursting strength to standards ISO 2758 and ISO 2459
to Burst Test

Dry Tensile Test

to DIN EN ISO 1924-2 or TAPPI T 494 - determining tear strength and tear length
to Dry Tensile Test

Wet Tensile Test

ISO 3781, TAPPI T 456
Strength of the paper (or tissue) in a wet state to ISO 3781, TAPPI T 456
to Wet Tensile Test


The compressibility test is used to determine the elastic and plastic behavior of paper. Compressibility tests are performed to test and adjust the runnability and printing properties of paper.
to Compressibility
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