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Godfrey Phillips uses ZwickRoell Make Testing Machine for the Determination of the Crush Strength of Flavor Capsules for Filters Used in Cigarettes

Godfrey Phillips India Limited, the flagship company of Modi Enterprises, is one of the largest FMCG companies in India. We make some of the most popular cigarette brands in the country like Four Square, Red, White, Cavender’s, Tipper and North Pole. Godfrey Phillips India also manufactures and distributes the iconic brand Marlboro under a license agreement with Philip Morris. We have expanded business interests in chewing products, mouth fresheners, confectionary and retail.



ZwickRoell has supplied a 500 N universal testing machine with compression tools to simulate the actual condition of the filters of cigarettes and gelatine capsules during usage. This Crush Deformation test is performed according to CORESTA recommended Method No. 94 on flavour capsules to determine properties like Crush Strength, Crush Strain etc. 

The offered universal testing machine is a single-column frame which makes it very convenient for the user to perform the test as well as to add any tools for future testing requirements. The three-level safety functions provided in the machine and the testXpert III software help the user to reliably perform crush tests on these tiny samples. Furthermore, the 200N loadcell provided with the machine also allows the user to go up to 0.8N while complying with ISO 7500-1.