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2-Point Flexure Test on Paper

ISO 2493-1, DIN 53121, ISO 5628, DIN 55437-3

Purpose of the test

Bending stiffness is of critical importance in the further processing of paper and cardboard. To enable reliable, trouble-free operation of packaging and filling machines, the paper or board must be flexible within defined limits. At paper feed changeover, uniform stiffness properties are also essential for smooth operation of the packaging machine.

ZwickRoell's 2-point flexure test kit covers two applications: measurement of bending stiffness and determination of folding characteristics at a bending angle of 120ยฐ. Accurate, high-resolution measuring technology eliminates the need for a change of load cell.

2-Point Flexure Test with ZwickRoell

  • Bending forces are recorded by a load cell with a measurement error of just 1%.
  • Positioning of the load cell away from moving machine parts avoids signal interference.
  • Electronic angle measurement with 0.001ยฐ resolution guarantees maximum reliability for measured values.
  • Specimens up to 50 or 100 mm wide can be clamped.
  • The kit includes precision indexing for gage lengths 1, 2 and 5 mm.
  • The kit is available with three different clamping systems: screw clamping, spring clamping and pneumatic clamping.

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