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Box Crush and Stacking Crush Tests

DIN EN ISO 12048, TAPPI T 804, DIN EN ISO 12048

In the box crush and stacking crush tests the strength or stackability of corrugated cardboard boxes or folding boxes is determined. In the box crush test the package is loaded up to nominal load or to failure; in the stacking crush test a stipulated force is maintained at a constant level for a specified duration or until the box fails.

Box Crush and Stacking Crush Tests with ZwickRoell

  • Depending on the standard, compression plates are available either fixed or with one spherical seating.
  • Standard and customized materials testing machines for optimum testing.

Box crush tests are performed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12048 or TAPPI T 804; for stacking crush tests the relevant standard is DIN EN ISO 12048.

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